RheinAhrCampus in Remagen
RheinAhrCampus in Remagen
  • Anne Gruender
  • 승인 2010.03.02 14:53
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Could you imagine having some kind of holiday-feeling while studying? Many people can’t believe that, but it’s true! My name is Anne and I study at RheinAhrCampus in Remagen, which is a small city in the west of Germany just next to a beautiful riverside. It’s the complete opposite of Seoul: the river, the forest and the fields make this city a very peaceful place and give you the possibility to relax very easily.
The university offers study courses like business (e.g. logistics, sports management), engineering or mathematics. You can also take language courses such as Business English or Spanish. As an exchange student you don’t need to speak German: there are courses conducted in English and you also get the chance to take part in German language courses.
RheinAhrCampus is small and only 2,500 students study there. The atmosphere is very familiar and most professors know the names of their students. You can always go to their offices and talk to them. In most lectures there are only small groups of students, giving you the opportunity to ask many questions. Usually there is no attendance check in the courses and the attendance won’t affect your final grade.
The Team Languages/International Affairs runs the international office and takes care of exchange students, international projects and language courses. If you are an exchange student at RheinAhrCampus, this team will support you from the day you start your preparations and help you with all your questions concerning your study and accommodation.
Apart from that, you also get the best ways to enjoy your free time: a beach-volleyball field and an open-air swimming pool are in a minute walking distance from the dormitory. Many students live close to the university, so you can always meet people your age. The students at RheinAhrCampus are very welcoming and like to meet new friends.
Another nice thing to mention is the big cities close to Remagen. With your student ID card, you can use the train for free to get to Bonn, Cologne or Koblenz. Those are all very nice cities with amazing shopping streets, beautiful sightseeing spots and lots of places where you can spend your free time like coffee shops, parks or clubs.
Feel free to visit the Web site of my home university, www.RheinAhrCampus.de, and click on   “Internationales.”
If you think about spending a semester abroad, don’t hesitate to contact the Team Languages/International Affairs via e-mail: language@rheinahrcampus.de.

By: Anne Gruender, an exchange student currently studying in Ewha.

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