Companies race to win women's hearts
Companies race to win women's hearts
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          A long line of slightly irritated female students crane their necks under the sun to get a better look at the front of the line. As the line moves slowly forward, their patience is rewarded with free cans of the latest Lipton beverage. This is one of the many events that target women and an example of the popular marketing strategy that lure the interest and satisfaction of the female population. Many are coming to realize that women are the new dominant force that drives the market. 

             Other companies are also quick to catch up on such effective marketing means and trends. SK Marketing and Company has carried out its “Butterfly Call” since October 2006, a service that secures the safety of the female passengers especially at night who ride the taxis called through its system. Once a passenger requests a taxi through the Butterfly Call, a text message that contains the full information of the vehicle and its driver is sent directly to the customer or their family members. For further reassurance, a complimentary accident insurance is provided for 24 hours. The service has received positive feedback and popularity from women who go through late working hours and female students who return home late in the night. SK Marketing and Company is expanding its services to other major cities outside of Seoul.

        Asiana Airlines, named the most woman-friendly company in 2007 by the Women News, is also carrying out unique services to match the delicate tastes and high standards of female passengers. It plans to be the first airline company to open a "Beauty Zone" next month at the International Incheon Airport where free cosmetic samples, hair dryers and a changing room will provided 24-hour standby for business women who have to attend business meetings straight off the plane. Also, it has started to provide its economy class passengers with low calorie in-flight meals that are mostly made up of fruit, salads and rice porridges.

       IPTV (Internet protocol Television), that provides telephone and internet TV services is also an example of the many companies that hurry to carry out similar strategies. A female engineer called the “Happiness Coordinator” now accompanies the usual male engineer on personal installation and AS visitations. "We want to make sure that female customers feel comfortable and safe when they use our services with Happiness Coordinator," said Ahn Seung-yoon, the head of the Marketing Division at SK Broadband. SK Broadband currently provides its Happiness Coordinator services to female and VIP Seoul residents and those who      specifically request it, but is planning to target nationwide female customers.

"An increasing number of companies are designing their services through the woman's perspective and thrive to match their tastes. Women are now the center of the consuming population," said Ahn. "These strategies are also a plus for the companies because it helps build a consumer-friendly brand image."

Professer Pae Jae-hyeon (Business) analyzes such marketing trends through recent consumer behavior patterns.

“Companies try to satisfy the emotional needs of their customers, and the distinctive tastes and standards of the women are easier to catch than the male preferences,” said Pae. “Companies are shifting from their production-centered strategies to advertisements and more carefully detailed brand products.”

         The high standards and demands of the women also serve as an ideal bar the companies must satisfy in order to survive in the competitive market. “When you have satisfied the women, you have satisfied most of the consumers,” said Park Sun-young of the Marketing Division of Migo Bakery. “They are at the front of the latest trends and are mostly the decision makers of family-unit purchasing.”



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