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1. The Ewha Bridge that symbolized Ewha Womans University for 44 years closed down on October 24, and the area undergoes reconstruction until 2005.
The area around the Ewha Bridge is to be covered up, as previously agreed, and more space will be allotted to the Ewha Plaza. The new space will accomodate a parking lot to the left and a park to the right as viewed from the Main Gate.
Ewhaians now commute by a temporary path, which is separated from the construction site by fencing. The detour is 150 meters longer than what the path over Ewha Bridge used to be. It now takes students five more minutes to get to their designation. The detour will be the only road into the main entrance of the campus until 2003.
Even though the movements of the trucks used for construction were mostly restricted to non-school hours, there were complaints about the clouds of dust formed when the trucks passed by. Students also had safety concerns. One student got hurt by a falling iron fence around the construction site.

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