Life of delivering hidden news
Life of delivering hidden news
  • Son Min-ji
  • 승인 2008.11.24 21:43
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How can we know more about different issues in different countries without actually visiting the country? One way is through information given by those living abroad. Shin Ayoun (’87, Philosophy) is a famous writer and correspondent to , who delivers hidden news of to readers in.

Shin has been working as a writer for twenty years including her experience as a reporter for weekly newspapers in. Although moving to was because of Shin’s husband who was studying abroad in, she could adapt well to the new environment. However, since Australia and Korea are so different in culture and lifestyle, Shin decided to start her job as a writer in Hojudonga Ilbo (a Korean newspaper branch in Australia) to tell people how she felt about her life as an immigrant. “Since there are so many differences between the two countries, I was encouraged to write about them and contributed articles to Korean newspapers and magazines,” said Shin.

Shin especially wrote many articles about various issues such as lifestyles of Korean people living inand the differences between two countries’ cultures. Then she writes columns which compare specific customs and way of living, in different Korean media as a freelancer. Also she has been writing educational columns in newspapers such as The Korea Education Weekly. “I have found that there are so many differences between Korean universities and Australian universities. Students here do study very hard like Korean students in grade 12. But while those instudy for university entrance examination, students here seem to study for their future dreams,” said Shin.

Shin has experienced many thankful moments in her life. “When I visited this February, I was surprised that there were bidets in almost every house. So after I came back, I wrote a column that bidets may help blind people or people with disabilities to have a better life. After my article was published, I got a phone call from a businessman who was selling bidets in. He said that he wanted to donate bidets to blind people for free. I was very thankful at the moment that my writing moved another person’s heart,” said Shin.

Throughout her 20 years of writing, she has never regretted. This is why she continues to write and inform people about real life stories in. Shin is a writer who has the ability to make normal daily life become a fancy one by using her own perspective like a magnifying glass.

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