Develop your life-long hobby
Develop your life-long hobby
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Kim Yeon-jung (’99, Business Administration) is a successful composer and music director who specializes in advertisement music. To name a few of her achievements, they are background music and sound effects for McDonalds, Hyundai Card, and Hankook Tire advertisements.
   However, her most recent and famous work is the advertisement music for SK-Telecom, a famous mobile communication company in Korea. The song for this advertisement is known nation-wide referred as doego (it can) song. The rhythm of the song was so inspiring that the song was used repetitively in further versions of the advertisement. Also, the song was so popular that it has been parodied for other purposes. For example, it was used for a traffic safety campaign played on radios.
   “I take buses on the way to work and I heard the traffic safety song. There were children singing the songs and it was very inspiring to see people enjoying my music,” said Kim.
   Although many people would think Kim majored in music, but she did not. Kim studied Business Administration at Ewha. Kim had a great interest in music and she played the piano as her hobby, but she did not plan on pursuing a career in the musical field. However, Kim found her chance to develop her musical talents and expressing her all passion for music by joining the Sanctus Chorus as a pianist, a choir club for students from various universities. Kim recalls her college life to be romantic because she had spent all her time on what she really admired music.
   “Although piano was not related to my major or career, I practiced it enthusiastically since I knew it was the thing that made my heart beat. University students nowadays are too busy just preparing to get careers after graduation without knowing what their true interests are. But I think young people should challenge themselves to spend time on finding and developing their own interests during their university years,” said Kim.
   Kim was recruited to work at an advertisement agency when she was playing the piano at an annual concert of Sanctus when she was a junior. Since then, Kim has been working in the field for 11 years. To make great compositions, Kim had to work days and nights. The fact that Kim had her first vacation last March since she started the work shows her great devotion and enthusiasm toward her job. “I always try my best while working. When I am required to make one song for a commercial, I try to make two to find the most suitable one,” said Kim.
   Kim says that working so many hours is not easy, but she overcame it since she had a great friend? music. “Whenever I’m tired or happy, I am with music my best friend. Other things might change, but my hobby will not, and will always be with me. I suggest people to find one hobby that will last as a life-long friend. And university years are the best time of life to find one,” said Kim.

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