Ewha hosts the 2008 University Presidents’ Forum
Ewha hosts the 2008 University Presidents’ Forum
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Ewha will the host the 2008 University Presidents’ Forum, which will be held on October 24. “The forum has been opened in other universities too, but this year Ewha is holding one of the biggest forums to invite many presidents from various schools. Also, Ewha is the first to have students participate in the forum,” said Lee Hei-sook (Mathematics).
The forum is divided into five sections; an opening session, a plenary session, two panel sessions and a discussion session.  The grand opening ceremony will honor three special guests and give them the opportunity to offer congratulatory speeches; they include, Ahn Byong Man, of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Son Byung-doo, President of the Korean Counsel for University Education and Kathleen Stephens the United States Ambassador to Korea.
The plenary session will start with a keynote speech by the President of Ewha, Lee Bae-yong, on the History of the University and Women University’s Role.The speech is expected to be followed by a discussion with four university presidents from Ochanomizu University, Stephens College, Cottey College and Handong Global University.
“The topic for the keynote speech was chosen to renew the definition of universities, since the reputation of universities is changing rapidly. Also, there is a need to reconsider the role of women universities since they are taking a very important role in equality of the sexes,” said President Lee Bae-yong.
The panel session is divided into two parts and both of which will be directed by Professor Jean S. Kang (International Studies). The first part of the session will cover the topic of Student Exchange and the Role of the University. During the first panel session, five presidents from Wilson College, College of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College, Spelman College and Seoul Women’s University will participate in the discussion.
 The second part of the panel session will discuss Research Exchange and the Role of the University. The session will be consist of presidents from SOAS London University, Zhejiang University, Hamburg University, North-West University and Inha University.
“The topic for panel sessions were chosen because the concept of mobility in student and research exchange between foreign campuses is one of the important issues for universities nowadays.” said Lee.
The last session of the forum is discussion session where Ewha students will have a chance to hold a discussion with presidents from various universities. The discussion will be held under the topic of Mobility towards the Future. There will be 00 groups and each will include one or two university presidents. Each group will consist of 00 students and a student chief speaker who will lead the discussion.
The discussion is intended to give opportunities to Ewha students to meet global academic leaders. “We are hoping that this event will help students and presidents mutually;  to encourage and bring hope to Ewha students and give some idea about the needs and desires of university students to the presidents,” said Lee.

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