CEC begins career mailing service
CEC begins career mailing service
  • Son Min-ji
  • 승인 2008.10.13 12:13
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           Starting from September 5, the Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) sends e-mails to students in a weekly basis, which include lifelong career guidance programs developed by the Research and Development Institute of Lifelong Planning (RDIL), a private institute providing career development service to universities. The e-mails are sent every Friday to those in all grades who have registered e-mails at the Ewha Portal Information System.

          The mailing program was arranged by the CDC to help students be prepared for their future careers by learning about themselves first. 

          The program offers different topics to students depending on their grades. Freshmen students get e-mails which help them to know better about themselves through questionnaires for self check-ups and plan for their school life. Sophomores learn how to upgrade their potentials like communications, decision-making, and problem solving. The e-mails which juniors mostly get consist of information about different kinds of careers and companies from small enterprises to foreign companies. Seniors can check their process of employment and gain practical information on creating attractive personal documents and preparing for interviews.

          The CDC has contracted with the RDIL to receive the contents of this program for one semester, but it plans to continue to provide this program next year too. “There are still a lot of freshmen who do not register emails from the school’s portal web site. We expect more students to get benefits from this mailing program,” said Lee Ye-jin, a staff member who works in the CDC.






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