Ewha Voice, the Frontier of College English Newspapers in Korea
Ewha Voice, the Frontier of College English Newspapers in Korea
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It has been 54 years since Ewha Voice was found. Ewha voice is an inspiration to not only the international college students in Korea, but also to many new forming college campus English Newspapers in Korea. As one of the frontiers of College English Newspapers, Ewha Voice should maintain the traditions of Ewha Voice and at the same time advance along with the changing demands of trendy readers.


I remember the day I heard about Ewha Voice from my mom, who was a graduate of Ewha. She explained about how well organized Ewha Voice is and how prestigious it was to become the reporter of the newspaper. I engraved in my heart that I would become the reporter of Ewha Voice one day. However, I became a Handong University student. Nevertheless, my Ewhaian friends sent me the Ewha Voice newspaper on a monthly basis, I was able to read it regularly. Ewha Voice article styles are very clear cut and simple. Also by avoiding grandiloquence, unlike many other college newspapers that allow their use of overstatements in order to attract more readers, Ewha Voice should receive a round of applause for being sincere. I believe the hard work that was put in by the reporters resulted in such a fame the Ewha Voice has today.


Ewha Voice gives joy to the readers; however, I find Ewha Voice dealing a great weight of International related issues opposed to lightly weight domestic in-school issues. If Ewha Voice would balance out and write more about what is happening inside the campus, Ewha Voice will attract more broad band of readers from both inside and out of Ewha University.  


Thanks to Ewha voice, I have learned so much about the big campus cultures. Though a student at a school of only approximately 4,000 student I could feel the atmosphere of big college campuses through the live report of Ewha Voice. Especially I appreciate the efforts put in by Ewha Voice in helping to lay out the infrastructure in the process of making a brand new English Newspaper at our school.

Hwang Jurie ( Handong Global University, 2)



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