Dakggochi steals hearts of students
Dakggochi steals hearts of students
  • Ko Eun-mee
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                 Students passing by Ewha's main gate after 3 p.m. must have had an experience of smelling the delicious juicy smell of barbecue sauce coming from My Soul's Dakggochi (skewered chicken) stand. The master who creates this unique tasty sauce is Roh Yoon-ho, who has been selling dakggochis in front of Ewha since 1997.

What is it that is so special about this dakggochi stand that succeeded in stealing the hearts of Ewha students for the past ten years?

May 19, 3:30 p.m.: Roh is busy preparing his work for the day. He swiftly takes care of the preparations since he has done them countless times and gets ready to welcome his customers for the day.

3:50 p.m.: Roh makes dokggochi with three trays. First, he puts uncooked dokggochi in tray 1 and boils it until it loses a little bit of its reddish color. Then, he moves it to tray 2 and boils it until its meat is almost cooked, though not yet fully. Finally, he moves it to tray 3, puts ddok (rice cake) on top of it and pours the tasty sauce.

5:55 p.m.: Two foreigners and four Korean customers come to the stand. Roh boils more ddok, and puts it on tray 3 so that people can eat as much as they want. He is also busy cutting down the skewers of partly-eaten dakggochi to help customers eat the chicken on the lower part of the stick.

6:25 p.m.: Roh becomes busier as more people came to enjoy dakggochi to fill their empty stomachs during dinnertime. He continuously flips the dakggochi so that they do not get burnt, moves the rice cakes and talks with the customers.

7:50p.m.: Roh tells a story about one Ewha student who changed her mind about committing suicide because of My Soul's dakggochi. The student went into open water to drown herself, but suddenly remembered the tasty smell of dakggochi and came back out. Many years later, Roh still keeps in touch with her.

8:40p.m.: Roh starts to type a text message for Ewha students. He often does this whenever inspiring thoughts cross his mind. He says, The words have power. A simple text message can make many people happy. That is why I send them.”

10:17 p.m.: Lee Soo-kyoung ( Politics & Diplomacy, 4) says, I get stressed out after studying at the Centennial Library until late in the night. But, eating my favorite dakggochi sure recharges me.as she eats a dakggochi.

10:42 p.m.: Students approach the stand, fully exhausted after their club practice. Roh starts to ask the students about their club which is ReleAse, a rock band. Oh, it must mean that music releases your stress, right? asks Roh. The students are surprised and say, Most people think it is the name of the flower lily. Wow! You are so smart! Roh stays modest and says with a smile, Your English pronunciation was good.Working here for over ten years, he knows even more about Ewha than some Ewha students since he converses with numerous Ewha students each day.

11:00p.m.: Roh closes for the day. He unplugs the electronic outlet, and turns the gas off. He gives the leftover food to the workers of a garbage truck. I do not want to be just a merchant, I want to be remembered as a beautiful scene in front of Ewha says Roh. With a big smile on his face, he finally folds up the parasol in the middle of the stand and calls it a day for My Souls dakggochi stand.








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