One fine day at Ewha
One fine day at Ewha
  • Son Min-ji
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Eight years have passed since the Ewha Volunteers was formed in 2000. To commemorate the eighth anniversary, the Ewha Student Volunteer Center held an event titled One Fine Day at the Student Union Building and the Admission Hall from May 19 to 20. The event was held to trace the eight year history of the Ewha Volunteers and encourage public awareness among students by sharing the volunteering works of the Ewha Volunteers.
          Its main program named Experience! Ewha Volunteers was held near the garden of the Student Union Building on May 19 and 20. Everyone was welcomed to build a wooden birdhouse in order to experience the work of the Ewha Volunteers. “This program was designed to let people know about our construction volunteer work,” said Kim Ji-hyun (Business, 4), a member of the Ewha Volunteers. 
          “Building a small birdhouse was very difficult for me, but it was worth it since the intention of work was to provides a shelter for birds,” said Lee Ji-won (Social Studies Education, 4), who participated in this program. Moreover, members of the Ewha Volunteers cooked and gave out hodduk (Korean pancakes) to students who passed by the event venue. “By making and giving hodduk to people, we can practice sharing with others. Also, it is a little gift for those who donated money to us,” said Vhan Ga-woon (Public Administration, 3).
          Inside the Student Union Building, a photo exhibition was held that showed the experiences of the Ewha Volunteers in local areas as well as in foreign countries from 2000 to 2007. Many students walked around the stopped to see the pictures. “I think students get inspired by seeing the members’ efforts through pictures. I especially like the picture of children studying in the Nakwon Studyroom with the volunteer students because I can easily recognize the children’s smiles in the picture,” said Johannes Ranscht (Martin Luther University, 4), an exchange student from Germany. In conjunction with this exhibition, video clips showing the works of the Ewha Volunteers were also shown on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television as well. 
          The last day of the event featured a commemorative ceremony called the Ewha Volunteers’ Homecoming Party at the Admission Hall on May 20. About 70 members and faculty advisors attended this ceremony and had dinner together. During the ceremony, a special video clip was shown that included greetings from the senior members of the Ewha Volunteers, faculty advisors, as well as the President Lee. Also, a fashion show was held in order to display the changes in the t-shirt designs of the Ewha Volunteers during the past eight years.


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