Raising the next 'Hillary'
Raising the next 'Hillary'
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           With the recent announcement of the preliminary list of universities approved for the establishment of law school, Ewha has been authorized by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources to launch a program with a capacity of 100 students. The tentatively selected 25 universities allowed to set up law schools are now accelerating their efforts to implement all the plans set out in the initial proposals, to be given final approval in September, 2008.

           Being the only women’s university among the approved universities, Ewha’s law school plans to specialize in bioethics and gender issues, areas already well developed at the school. Kim Moon-hyun, the dean of the College of Law, takes Hillary Clinton as a model for Ewha’s law school students. “Ewha’s law school will be producing female leaders like Hillary in the contemporary society. Hillary, as a lawyer, sided with the minorities—with her professional knowledge in the field of women and child welfare,” said Kim.

           Medical law and bioethics are other prospective fields in which female lawyers can work, since they are areas closely related with women’s welfare, such as pregnancy and childbirth. Thus, as Ewha plans to specialize in women-related fields, university applicants are recommended to engage in activities associated with women’s studies or voluntary work in feminist organizations. Additional points are not necessarily allocated for admittance to the program, but focusing one’s interest in Ewha’s specialized fields in one’s resume or interview will definitely help students enter Ewha’s law school.

           Ewha also requires officially recognized English test results somewhat higher than the other law schools (TOEFL, 213 and TOEIC, 750). Kim said, “Ewha also aims to bring up lawyers who are fluent enough in English to actively take part in the international stage. Thus, English test results might prove more significant in entrance exams for Ewha’s law school.”

           Maeng Hye-young (Economics, 4) said, “It’s really fortunate that Ewha has been approved to establish a law school. Ewha has been always among the top universities in producing successful candidates for the judicial examination and I am sure that the newly established training system at Ewha’s law school will obviously bring up more prospective female lawyers in Korean society.”

           However, despite the cheering voices, there are those who voice concern. Ahn Jin-hee (Law, 4) said, “I know that it still remains to be seen whether Ewha would succeed in getting the final approval this coming September. However, students are confused and worried since there is no official statement on the student selecting procedure. Even if the publicized entrance procedure is subject to changes, I think the school should prioritize informing the students about the entrance examination since the students will be staking their future on law schools. ”



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