Buildings remodeled during vacation
Buildings remodeled during vacation
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▲ A student studies in one of the renovated rooms in the Humanities Building A

              During the summer vacation, several buildings on campus have been rebuilt and remodeled for the convenience of Ewha students. These include theHumanities Building A, the Music Building, and the Engineering Building.

             Anybody who has recently visited study rooms 101 and 103 in the Humanities Building A would be surprised at their transformation. In the past, these rooms resembled two old lecture rooms with abandoned blackboards and chairs collected from here and there. The room now presents a completely different face with brand new wallpaper, chairs matching the desks, partitioned cubicles for students needing to concentrate, and an air conditioner installed in the ceiling.

Han Jung-tae, from the administration office of the College of Liberal Arts said, Since the building is near the back gate and a lot of students come for general education courses, utilization has been continuously increasing. Many students, therefore, requested the renewalnot only students from the College of Liberal Arts but also those from other departments who said that they feel sorry for liberal arts majors for having to study in such outdated facilities.

             The Music Building also underwent, with an improved heating system. Until now, when the heating system was turned on, hot steam from the heaters made students uncomfortable, and their musical instruments were also vulnerable to damage because of the uneven heat. Korean Music majors also had problems doing seated practice because the heaters did not do much to heat the freezing floors. Based on the requests of students and of the College of Music, the school decided to embed the heating system under the floor. Students from the College of Music will be able to enjoy a warm winter.

             The Engineering Building will also greet students with changes. There is a resting spot for Engineering majors, called the central garden, in the middle of the engineering buildinga specially designed spot with an open ceiling. Since the building is far from the school cafeterias, students usually use this garden during breaks to eat light meals. Now the school has replaced the whole floor tiles in the central garden to improve drainage during the rainy season and also created stairs connecting the garden to the second floor multi-purpose hall to make a larger space for students.

             Inside the Engineering Building, the auditorium in the basement and study rooms were also repaired. Jeong Kyung-hee, the staff in the Administration office of the College of Engineering said, Those places had problems of water leakage during rainy seasons and impure air due to the lack of ventilation. With clean, newly painted walls and the latest air conditioners, I think the students will really be happy.

             According to Nam Seok-jin, the director of facilities maintenance, the school is trying to improve the welfare of the students. If you see the remodeled places, they are directly related to the students needs. We recently have started construction to provide hot water in every restroom on campus. This construction will hopefully be completed this coming November, said Nam.



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