Marx Reborn Through Communnale
Marx Reborn Through Communnale
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  • 승인 2003.06.04 00:00
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The first Marx Communale, a combination of Commune and Biennale, was held from May 23 to 25 at the Ewha-Samsung Culture Center. More than 60 scholars presented their theses on "Present Reinterpretation of Marxism."
It was the first forum since Korea became independent that openly brought scholars together under the name of Marxism. Last June, after groping in the dark for the past ten years, a committee of 230 progressive scholars supportive of Marxist ideas was set to coordinate the first Marx Communale.
The Communnale was divided into three parts: Points at issue in Marxism; Reflection on the present world and Korea; Historical evaluation of Socialism, revolutions and the future prospects to their realization.

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