Which university suits you the best?
Which university suits you the best?
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      Among the 190 universities that Ewha has signed an exchange program agreement with, the Office of Global Affairs provides a list of universities which the most number of students wish to go to according to language.

English-based Universities  

New York University is located in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan where students can feel the vibrant atmosphere of New York. It is located in a neighborhood that has attracted generations of writers, musicians, artists, and intellectuals. About 40,000 students are enrolled and with the policy of needing only four members to make a club, students can participate in clubs that they could not at Ewha.

The University of Michigan is a coeducational public research university in the state of Michigan. In the 2007 edition of U.S. News & World Report, it was ranked second among United States public universities and 24th among all universities in the U.S. It owns one of the most renowned academic medical centers in the United States and made major contributions to the mathematics of information theory.

The University of Toronto, which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is considered one of the top universities in Canada and ranks in the top twenty worldwide. It enrolls more students, employs more faculties and offers a greater range of courses than any other Canadian university. Liberal arts education is the heart of the undergraduate curriculum.

Chinese Universities

Fudan University, which is located in Shanghai, is highly ranked in physical and social science education. The university enrolls over 45,000 students, of which nearly 1,760 students are from overseas, making up the second most population of overseas student in China. It is especially known for its School of Management in the most dynamic metropolis in China and has international programs with MIT? Sloan School of Management and the Business School of Columbia University.

German Universities

The University of Bonn is located in a lively, but small and culturally rich city of Bonn. The university has about 30,000 students, making it one of the largest German universities, including about 5,500 international students from 130 nations. Cultural resources of the university include the Academic Art Museum, the Museum of Egypyian Art, the Bonn Univerity Shakespeare Company, andmore. The university is known to convey a multi-cultural, academic, historical, but also modern and personable atmosphere.

Japanese Universities

Waseda University, a private university in Japan, has a reputable status as being highly competitive and extremely selective in admissions by entrance examinations. It is acknowledged as a leader in many academic areas such as a training ground for Japanese politicians and literature. Waseda Universiy’s main campus is located in the Nishi-Waseda district of Shinjuku and enrolls about 54,000 students. It is also known for its liberal climate symbolized by its motto “Independence of Learning.”


caption-The percentage of students going abroad and the number of universities that Ewha has signed agreements with differ from region to region.

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