More articles on employment are needed
More articles on employment are needed
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  • 승인 2007.06.01 00:00
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           Basically I love newspapers. Even though there are many other ways to get information these days, for example through TV or the internet. I still like flipping each pages and reading through the newspaper. It gives me feeling of composure. So I was thrilled to know what kind of newspapers they had inEwha University.

  I first got interested in Ewha Voice, because of my friend who works as a reporter at EV. She gave me the copy of EV in the very first week of school. At first I tried to read some of my friend's articles but as I skipped through the newspaper, each and every article caught my eye. All the articles are so well-written, and the various sections of the EV are well-organized. I especially liked Campus News & People section. I can get informations about what's going on around school, what lecture is interesting to attend, and what our alumnae are doing in their field.

  From last issue I enjoyed reading coming-of- age ceremony theme. It was useful information to compare other cultures that have different coming-of-age ceremony. It gave me a chance to think about the true meaning of this such event.

 But one suggestion I want to make for EV is that it would be better to have a section which provides information about employment. Since many university students' number one issue is about employment, they would be happy to find out company's recruiting information, or internship information inside the EV. It would also be nice for our alumnae to share  know-hows at the interview and important experiences they had.

  With some comments I made, I hope it can be helpful for Ewha Voice.


Kim je-yeon (Pharmacy, 1)

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