Peking University factbox
Peking University factbox
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Established: April 28, 1898, First national university in China

Location: Beijing, China

Campus: 2,721,682miliion square meters

Full-time Enrollment: 31.328 students


University Faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Medicine,

and Information and Engineering.

Academic programs: 41 colleges and departments offering

 -104 undergraduate programs

-258 postgraduate programs

-228 doctoral programs

Library: One of the largest university libraries in the world

 Collection of 6 million books

 More than 7200 titles of Chinese & foreign journals and newspapers.


Academic exchange agreements: More than 200 global universities in around 50 countries and regions

International students: Around 2500 international students from about 80 countries

University ranking: Most prestigious university in Asia

14th  in the world

(Times Higher Education Supplement poll 2006)




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