[Lecture Briefing] How to Become a Successful Global Woman Leader
[Lecture Briefing] How to Become a Successful Global Woman Leader
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“To be a global woman leader, you always have to be prepared and not be afraid of challenges,” said Chun Shin-ae ('65, English Literature). Chun, the director of the Women’s Bureau for the U.S. Department of Labor, visited Ewha to give a lecture titled “Seven Qualities for Successful Leadership” on March 8.

   The first half of the lecture focused on some of the noticeable changes in the American labor market and Chun gave a short explanation of what can we learn from such changes. According to Chun, the average income of American women is only 81 percent of that of men; however, the average income of American women who have just graduated is nearly 95 percent of that of men. Also, the rate of working women has been steadily increasing.

“As you can clearly see from the data, the wage gap between men and women is decreasing right now. This is a proof of women’s great ability to perform various work. Therefore, women should not be afraid, but gain confidence in becoming members of the world society,” said Chun.

The last half of the lecture proceeded with comments on the seven qualities needed to become a successful world leader. The first quality Chun mentioned is to know yourself and do what you like to do. Also, she said it is important to hold onto virtues like honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

“The world is changing extremely fast. In this fast changing society, you always have to try new things and develop yourself, and since the world is getting closer, you should try to understand the different cultures of countries,” said Chun. “Communication and team building skills are also crucial traits,” she added.

“Working as a public official in America, I found that clear and concise communication and team building skills are really important. You have to articulate your visions and ideas in one minute, otherwise you will be fall behind. At the same time, smiling in front of everyone is important. You have to comfort those people to make them listen to you by smiling and using body language,” said Chun.

Chun added that creative thinking and problem solving ability were the other of the seven qualities. She ended her lecture by saying, “Life is all about making choices and all the good things in life cost some price. Therefore, it is important to make the right choices, and in order to do that you have to trust yourself and depend on yourself. And the last thing is do not fear failure and take risks in your life.”

   After graduating from Ewha in 1965, Chun completed her Master’s degree in Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University in 1971. In 1991, she accepted the position of director of the Illinois Department of Financial Institutions, becoming the first Asian American cabinet member in the state. From 1991 to 1999, Chun was the director of the Illinois Department of Labor. Since 2001, Chun has been serving as the director of the Women’s Bureau for the U.S. Department of Labor, becoming the highest ranking Korean American appointee in the federal government. She has received the “Outstanding Alumni Award” from Ewha in 1996.

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