Countless Nights Spent Writing the News
Countless Nights Spent Writing the News
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  • 승인 2006.11.29 00:00
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sun.Even with the clock hand pointing 11:30 p.m, the Ewha Voice office bustles with reporters putting on the finishing touches of this issue.

By Lee Eun-a


   For the most part Morris Hall, or Senghwal-gwan, is recognized for its smell. Before you enter, you can get a whiff of chlorine from the swimming pool located at the lowest basement; next up on B2 is the age-old E-fine cafeteria which offers multi-cultural menus, meaning multi-cultural smells. It doesn? stop there, on the first floor, students of the Food and Nutritional Sciences Department are busy baking their goods, and the aroma of melted butters and sugars permeate throughout the lobby. But what has smell got to do with anything? Whether chlorine or butter, a group that lives and breathes these smells, yet are most unexposed, would have to be the English newspaper team.
  Located on B1 is Ewha Voice, the English campus newspaper, which was established by the Department of English Literature 52 years ago. The reporters of Ewha Voice run on a monthly cycle of planning, writing, editing, layout and publishing; spending countless sleepless nights. The reporters find themselves a second home within the office, where they can nestle on the couch and drink beverages from the fridge.
Kim Na-hyun (International Studies, 3), Chief Editor of Ewha Voice, however, reminisces on all-nighters being anything but romantic. “Mosquito bites in the summer, frost bites in the winter,?she says, telling of how the campus news team would stay up all night for the ballot count for the next year? student government. Kim recalls that after spending all night up, the most grievous moment is when she could smell the night? workload on herself.
  This ?mell?is one that other reporters at Ewha Voice also share.  Kim Tae-yeon (Journalism, 3), Theme Editor laughs, ?ad breath, but good memories.?The only thing that scared her was going to the bathroom in the dark. Lim Rhie-young (International Studies, 3), Social Issues Editor says that more than one sleepless night at the office created magical moments of making friends   seem beautiful even in their most undesirable moments.
  Being sleepless, thus, is not always pleasant, but working in a tight community of friends towards the same goal is always rewarding.  The reporters at Ewha Voice thus work on, breathing in as they go, the different scents of the Morris Hall.

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