Year in review 2021: Looking back at the stories that made headlines on Ewha Voice
Year in review 2021: Looking back at the stories that made headlines on Ewha Voice
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Photo provided by Juanita Herrera Padilla
Photo provided by Juanita Herrera Padilla


Introducing the new “World” section


From volumes 67-01, Ewha Voice organized the new “World” section. Created to inform readers of international issues beyond Ewha’s campus, the section offered stories of Ewha undergraduates, graduates, and alumni studying or working abroad as well as people and events related to international issues. Especially this year, stories focused on how COVID-19 impacted the lives of students studying abroad and how universities like Yale and Boston Universities are tackling the pandemic. Timely issues such as Ramseyer’s “comfort women” dissertation from Harvard and the Atlanta shooting were also dealt with. In particular, “Ewha Abroad” is a long- term series aimed at interviewing Korean Ewha students’ exchange experiences and the lives of international full-time/exchange students at Ewha.


Ewha Abroad

Ewha Voice reached out to two male exchange students at Ewha who were willing to share their stories on behalf of the 44 male students on campus. Yu Shi-hao, a student from Shanghai University, came to Ewha, which is recognized as the best women’s university in Asia, to expand his knowledge in academic skills. He is also delving into studying Korean language as a linguistics major.


Ewha Voice interviewed three students each currently exchanging in women’s universities overseas. Hwang Ho-jung and Choi Ji-yeon, currently studying at Alverno College, and Jang Ji-hae, at Agnes Scott College, shared their stories. They all pointed out that despite some differences in student activities and parties, women’s universities overseas have a similar atmosphere of bonding strongly between women to what they have experienced at Ewha.


Harvard Crimson and Ewha Nabi’s response to Ramseyer’s controversial “comfort women” dissertation

Professor Ramseyer from Harvard was criticized for his academic paper that claimed Korean “comfort women” voluntarily went to Japanese brothels under legitimate contracts.


How Yale and Boston university are tackling the pandemic
Ewha Voice interviewed students and professors from Yale and Boston University on how they cope with COVID-19. Students in BostonUniversity shared their film production project, while Yale Daily News introduced mental health services.




Ewha alumna from Laos working in Korea 



Nalinh Thoummala from Laos, earned her Master’s degree in big data. She then started her career in a South Korean startup called Deepvisions, a company providing AI- based solutions and services.


Network crisis: How do international students network? 



Ewha Voice interviewed international students on how they network in school. A student responded that the school provides information mostly in Korean, so the school website is not useful for international students. In response, they suggested creating an online community space equally accessible for Korean and international students to connect would help international students fit in easily.


Social Issues


Rising techs in 2021: Virtually-integrated society 


Cheeze: Young fintech to pursue NFTs

As young investors put their money into newly emerging forms of investments, digital assets are generating significant market interest in 2021. Simon Hudson, the CEO and founder of Cheeze, which is a mint studio turning customers’ high-resolution photographs into non-fungible tokens (NFT), shared his experience of running his newly founded NFT startup and thoughts on the NFT craze with Ewha Voice.


Into the metaverse: The future of our reality

Metaverse, an online social platform offering an advanced version of virtual reality and enabling social and cultural activities, attracted the public's attention for its limitless potential. Ewha Voice interviewed Lee Hai-young, professor and vice president of International Affairs from the Graduate School of International Studies, who was in charge of the Invitation Training for Foreign Specialists of Korean Language and Reunion on Metaverse. Lee shared her thoughts on how this new platform could not only be used for special social occasions but also for future education.




2021: A turning point for climate action

2021 was a crucial year for tackling climate change as various approaches to confront environmental issues were highlighted. To explore such efforts in-depth, Ewha Voice met with individuals with expertise in various environmental issues throughout 2021.


Environmental efforts in South Korea to reach carbon neutrality
Korean Federation for Environmental Movements, Ewha Nanum Shop, and Green Technology Center, spoke to Ewha Voice about accomplishing the state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.


All about ESG: A new sustainable financial trend

To delve into a new financial trend of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Ewha Voice sat down with Professor Hannah Jun from Ewha Graduate School of International Studies and Korea’s first vegan skincare brand Melixir’s CEO Kim Soo-young.


Greenwashing: Pollution packaged as eco-friendly

Greenwashing, an act of misleading consumers into believing that the products are eco-friendly, is deeply embedded in our lives. Ewha Voice interviewed Kang Eun-bin, from Youth Climate Emergency Action, and International development cooperation specialist Oh Eui-Seok, who previously ran an eco-friendly business, both activists striving to prevent greenwashing.




Proudly presenting 2021’s interviewees

This year, Ewha Voice strove to meet more influential figures that could give hope and advice to Ewha students. Not being limited to those already famous, we discovered figures that could be role models for students of various interests. Ewha Voice is proud to present 2021’s interviewees.


Google Assistant UX design lead: Kim Eunjoo


Google Assistant UX design lead Kim Eunjoo shared her journey on becoming the Best Designer for Google Design Excellence.


South Korea’s first private sector banking CEO: Yoo Myung-soon


Yoo Myung- soon shattered the glass ceiling, becoming the first female private sector banking CEO at Citibank Korea in 2020.


Former Foreign Minister returns to academia: Kang Kyung-wha



Former Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha returned to academia after 30 years of working in public services in Korea’s foreign ministry and the United Nations.


Ewha’s new president: Kim Eun-mee


Kim Eun-mee was inaugurated this year on Feb.26. She has introduced a plan to lead Ewha into the next decade entitled Ewha Vision 2030+.

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