Ewha Womans University holds 135th Anniversary Commemoration
Ewha Womans University holds 135th Anniversary Commemoration
  • Park So-hyun
  • 승인 2021.06.05 23:58
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Ewha Womans University celebrated its 135th anniversary of its founding on May 31. Established in 1886, Ewha has opened a new chapter in higher education for women. This year’s foundation day was special in that President Kim Eun-mee declared “Ewha Vision 2030+” and revealed the new school slogan.


It was the first anniversary event held since Professor Kim Eun-mee was elected president. In her inauguration speech, President Kim emphasized Ewha’s history in their ability to overcome new changes and the ideal of Beopgo Changshin in overcoming contemporary challenges. The spirit was the core of “Ewha Vision 2030+” and the new slogan.


The highlight of this year’s anniversary event was the declaration of “Ewha Vision 2030+” and the reveal of Ewha’s new slogan.


President Kim declared “Ewha Vision 2030+” to be “A Creative and Innovative Platform Leading to a Sustainable Society.” The vision encompasses Ewha’s development plans based on Beopgo Changshin, the four character Chinese idiom inspires us to move forward with innovative changes for a better future with a deep respect for our past and history. Stating that the epochal changes we face are digital transformation, COVID-19 pandemic and polarization of society, the president listed three specific plans of “Ewha Vision 2030+.”


First, Ewha’s research will aim to lead the world with creative and innovative contributions that aspire to solve present and future problems, with the production of new knowledge and its dissemination. Second, Ewha’s teaching will nurture core experts to lead the new era of digital transformation with cutting-edge fields of research based on innovative pedagogical methods that integrate both online and offline education. Third, Ewha’s social responsibility aims to promote a sustainable society with shared values and social contribution based on the spirit of compassion and engagement.


The new slogan selected was “Ewha, The Future We Create.” The slogan has a future- oriented connotation with the hopes of Ewha creating a desirable future by successfully managing contemporary tasks. The slogan is especially meaningful in that students and graduates of Ewha had partaken in submitting ideas and selecting a slogan.


President Kim ended the ceremony with words of promise. She pronounced that the Ewha community will honorably uphold the responsibility to overcome the challenged of the times, and create a sustainable future for all. She also reflected upon the foundation of Ewha by promising Ewha will faithfully uphold our calling to teach and nurture women leaders based on Christian spirit with our new vision, “A Creative and Innovative Platform Leading to a Sustainable Society.”

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