The earth hurts a lot
The earth hurts a lot
  • Kisook Cho
  • 승인 2021.05.21 21:37
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Department of Dance
Director of the Institute for Culture and Arts Urban Regeneration
Kisook ChoDepartment of Dance
Kisook ChoDepartment of Dance

Why did mankind face the unprecedented coronavirus crisis? All living things are conceived, born and live on Earth. To living things, the Earth is a mother. Animals are our brothers and plants are our sisters. However, we have abused and violated our Mother Earth and our animal brothers and sisters. In order to eat, humans have bred animals and made habit of cruel violence to them. The consequent harm comes directly to man. The carbon dioxide that the animals bear pollutes our ecosystem, and the Earth is getting sick. And it has been a long time since we have remembered to appreciate the plants that provide us with oxygen. That is why our Mother Earth became seriously ill, not being able to withstand the contamination, pollution, and abuse. The fact that humans are also sick is a signal for us to understand the problem and let heal and survive.


How do we heal our Mother Earth now?


It is painfully obvious that in order to prevent global warming, we need action in government policy as well as in the everyday lives of individuals. At the same time, the Coronavirus situation demands real soul-searching from humankind. Self-reflection is needed on excessive competition and materialism. Each life is unique to each person, so why do we have to compete so much? We need to put our thoughts down, empty our heads, and see things as they are. Furthermore, we have been judging situations and humans as we please through tinted glasses. The stronger the conviction in a person, the stronger the dogma and stubbornness. We may think our existence is so precious, but we also need to think it may not be such a big deal. How valuable and wonderful it is to permeate nature and harmonize together, rather than to dominate it. Humans learn a lot from their elders’ books, but they also learn practical things from the field of life. We don’tknow how much we could learn from our field and our Mother Earth.


In short, if we empty our minds, lighten our heads, and see things as they are, we let go of greed. Then we will realize how vain our greed is, when all of us eventually return to earth anyway. I believe Mother Earth will heal if we live with this attitude. Recalling that we all eventually return to earth, now I encourage you to dance here for the health of Mother Earth and yourself. Because dancing is life and love.

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