One Special life: The fact that we cannot live forever is what makes life so special
One Special life: The fact that we cannot live forever is what makes life so special
  • Adelya Daulet
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Department of Nutritional Science & Food Management
Adelya DauletDepartment of Nutritional Science &Food Management
Adelya Daulet
Department of Nutritional Science &Food Management

​​​​​​​Time runs at the speed of light. You do not have time to look back as the seasons replace each other, the years change, you grow up, and life runs with you, sometimes by you. In this cycle of life, we all strive to achieve something. Someone is chasing fame, someone is after love, someone is for a better job and someone is in pursuit of happiness. In pursuit of our goals, we do not notice that part of our life has already been passed and there is only an unknown road ahead.


Since the time I started my second year of my bachelor’s degree I did not have fun with friends a lot because I was studying. I was rejecting all offersto go somewhere because I thought if I waste my time on other things but study, I will fail. I did not notice how my life was passing by me and I did not even feel myself good for studying too much. I was devasted by the fact that I do not have much time to get things done. Sometimes I blamed myself for being not smart enough, not fast enough. I felt myself like I am wasting all the time I am supposed to be happy. Knowledge is good. Knowledge is the key for everything, but it is not all our life. Study should go hand in hand with our desires, rest and communication.


My grandmother, who lived a pretty long life, once told me: “You know now you are worried about your future, about grades, you do not sleep at night, spend a lot of time on social networks, do you think you will remember these times when you become like me? No. You will only remember that you laughed until you drop from a silly joke, how did you cook something delicious and everyone came to taste it, how you made wishes for your every birthday, how you got on adventures with friends, how you loved with all your heart. Life is not about waiting for the storm to end. It is not about you being into study and hoping someday in the future you will take a rest. This is the ability to dance when it rains.” Now I understand very clearly and feel and see very clearly: it does not matter that moment is beautiful and short, the important thing is that it is unrepeatable.


Living here and now is what is important. Do not run ahead of a rushing train. Do not look into the future, hoping that someday it will be time when you will be happier. Do not look in the past for answers. Live here. Be in the moment. Breathe that experience. Capture the moments with your eyes and keep them deep in your heart, because at the end of your life, only these moments will be important. After all, people are not eternal, love is not eternal, emotions are not eternal. The memories will be with you until yourlast breath. The smell of morning coffee, clean cool air, the smell of the ground after the rain, dinner with your family, children's laughter, a favorite song playing in a cafe, long hugs, meeting at the airport, falling snow creating magic around, mother's smile. All these moments are the ones that keep us happy.

I believe that we cannot wait for the moment when life will get better, we need to make it better by ourself. Do not forget that we have one life and, as a result, the most interesting life is still the one in which we have no idea what will happen next.

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