Where changes begin
Where changes begin
  • Seo Ga-gyeong
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Department of English Education
Seo Ga-gyeongDepartment of English Education
Seo Ga-gyeong
Department of English Education


Do you want to live a different life from the present in the future? Or, is there any part of you that you want to change? So, what kind of effort can you make for the future? Where does change begin?


Where changes begin is your ‘PRESENT’.

You must have certain patterns or habits that have formed in your life. They have been formed and repeated for a long time and you are still keeping them. They’re familiar to you and settled in your life. ‘You in the present’ is an output made by the past. If you continue this lifestyle - if you do nothing for changes, you will be the same; ‘you in the future’ will be who you are in the present. On the other hand, if you destroy the life style and pursue change ‘now’, your future self will change.


Where changes begin is your ‘COURAGE.’

It will take a lot of ‘courage’ to decide to destroy a long-established castle and build a new one. Also, since you use a unfamiliar method when building a new castle(lifestyle), you’re worried and afraid the results will not be fine. But you don’t know if you’re going to make the change you want, unless you try something. So, have confidence and give it a try!


Where changes begin is your ‘PAIN’.

Doing what you didn’t do in the past can cause you to feel uncomfortable. Also, you may feel frustrated when you think change rarely happens. Experiencing these pains, you may want to give up taking actions and go back to the original way of life. But if you want your own growth, keep going. Even if you don’t see change, it’s clear that changes are happening by your actions. ‘Pain’ is proof that change is taking place.


Until elementary school, I tended to stay in my existing life rather than pursue change. I was timid at that time. It was difficult to meet new people or express my opinion. So I had a hard time presenting, and I couldn’t refuse my friends’ requests. I wanted to express my thoughts confidently and get rid of the shyness of meeting strangers. To change my personality, I had to take action. But it was difficult to have courage.


On the first day of middle school, I took courage and talked to my partner. She smiled, saying “Thank you for talking first.” I was glad my little courage led to a change in behavior. Since then, I’ve tried to talk to strangers first, and those attempts made me feel more comfortable talking to someone.


Also, I repeated the challenge of presenting. Of course, in the beginning, I was nervous and blushed. But I kept trying. In high school, I became not afraid to speak in front of others so that I could lead the school club or give a speech in an English speaking contest.


If I hadn’t taken action for changes, I would still be passive in speaking now. I think these changes were possible because of ‘courage’ and ‘pain’.


If there is a present lifestyle, characteristic, etc. you want to change, why don’t you change your little behavior right now? Even if it doesn’t produce perfect results you want, the experience of ‘trying’ and ‘doing your best’ for something will become a stepping stone for next change and leap. This process builds you up to mature. So, courage and effort to seek change is valuable in your life.


You in the ‘PRESENT’ have a possibility to sublimate ‘PAIN’ to ‘change’ through ‘COURAGE.’ Believe in you, and take action. It is not anyone else, but ‘yourself in the present’ who can change your future life.



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