Changes in skill test for music major students
Changes in skill test for music major students
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The College of Music will execute skill tests through video recordings. Photo by Heo Sol.
The College of Music will execute skill tests through video recordings. Photo by Heo Sol.


With the urban district increasing the social distancing level to level two from Nov. 24, Ewha students are worried about the upcoming finals. During the midterm period, when the number of confirmed cases were not as high, professors had full discretion over whether to conduct exams online or on campus. However, students are now expressing concerns regarding courses that are scheduled to have on- campus exams despite the increasingnumber of confirmed cases.


This conflict between professors and students has been raised the most in the College of Music, where students have requested that all skill tests be conducted online. For the piano courses in the Department of Keyboard Instruments, professors gave students two choices: on- campus exams or a recorded exam. However, the recorded exams must be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Moreover, the recordings must be done at school. If students wish to record elsewhere, they must receive permission from their professors.


A student majoring in piano who wished to remain anonymous expressed dissatisfaction that even if there were alternatives, it would still be an unfair evaluation for students.


“Students in the Department of Orchestral Instruments and the Department of Voice have trouble performing with masks on,” the student said. “Since wearing masks during the test is impossible, on- campus tests would leave students at high risk.”


In the spring semester, skill tests held in every final were proceeded according to professors’ decisions. However, for the upcoming finals, professors initially chose to proceed with on-campus exams.


On Nov. 27, the College of Music announced that professors would grade students based on video recordings. The Department of Keyboard Instruments, has mandated that all students submit recordings on a USB drive. However, the problem has not been completely resolved as students majoring in organs were required to take on-campus skill tests.

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