Every happy day builds a happy life
Every happy day builds a happy life
  • Chang Ha-rim
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Department of English Language and Literature
Harim Chang - Department of English Language and Literature.
Harim Chang - Department of English Language and Literature.


Are you living the life you dreamed of?

Everyone has at least a vague feeling or image of how they want to live. This is what you may call a “dream.” This dream may be something from succeeding in a diet, to what you want to achieve in your future career. Usually, we assume this dream to come true later because it would not be a “dream” if it was easy to reach. Setting goals and working hard for the better future is obviously an important thing to do. But I want to ask- do you dream of your present?

As busy and hard working as we are for the future, we tend to neglect how we live and feel in the present. Modern society compels individuals to frantically work to fit into its standards. The fear of falling behind drives people to only look forward, because not a split second is to be wasted. This leads to the loss of composure.

Growing up, I have always felt pressure to constantly do something, whether it was to study, to participate in club activities, or even to meet other people. I thought I was catching up with the people around me. One day, I eventually crashed because I didn’t sleep for days studying for my finals. I ended up hospitalized for a week. I wasn’t catching up with my friends; I was trying to catch up to expectations.

Lying in the hospital bed, I realized how meaningless this all was if I wasn’t healthy. After all of the medical tests I went through, the doctor told me she didn’t know why I was sick. When I finished my discharge procedures, I figured the reason out myself. I had tired myself to the point where my body had to shut down- just to fit into my harsh standards. The standards set by the people around me permeated and settled into myself as a small frame. I had struggled to paint within the frame, but finally, I realized there was an endless wall to paint behind it.

I don’t regret trying my hardest because I learned my limit in pushing myself. Of course, there is positive stress that drives people to act. Hard work is also a source of happiness. However, the key to not being caged in the small frame is to keep one’s composure by filling each day with small happiness. I decided that I wanted to live in the way I had always dreamt of. Not in the way the society thinks, nor the way I was tricked into thinking was right. I didn’t want to disregard my present for my “better” future. I wanted to be a happier, and a “better” me today.

In order to live your dream life today, you have to define what kind of person you are in your dream. Every night in bed I think of the “me” in my dreams and try it out the next day. I want to be someone who willingly helps others. Someone who enjoys to read, exercise, and doodle in their diary in the evenings. I wanted to compliment others at least once a day to look out for the people I care for and also reflect on myself. Dreaming about how I want to live daily is important. The more you think of your ideal self and happiness, the more strength you gain to choose choices that lead to your happiness.

The romantic life that I dream of is to wholeheartedly appreciate my hard work and to love and take care of myself along with my loving ones. Disregarding my today for my tomorrows seems like an option at the moment. However, tomorrow ultimately becomes today. So why don’t you acknowledge your hard work and achievements, and reward yourself with your favorite snack? Don’t leave happiness for tomorrow, but choose to live your dream life today!

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