School remodels new smart learning space
School remodels new smart learning space
  • Shim Ha-eun
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School goes through remodeling for new converged learning space. Photo provided by the Office of Communications.
School goes through remodeling for new converged learning space. Photo provided by the Office of Communications.


The school remodeled learning spaces in Ewha-Shinsegae Building, New Engineering Building, and International Education Building to prompt students’ creativity and provide a more pleasant studying environment.

Learning spaces on the second floor of the New Engineering Building, such as the Engineering Library and a reading room, were remodeled during the winter vacation. The remodeling was funded by Haedong Science Foundation as the former chairman of the board, Kim Jung-shik, donated 500 million won for building creative learning space at ELTEC College of Engineering.

The newly remodeled spaces are named Haedong Creative Learning Space and ELTEC Creative Learning Space. Facilities of Idea Lounge, group study rooms, and laptop rooms were completely changed into new ones. Also, the school newly built Green Lounge as a resting place, which connects to the outside of the New Engineering Building.

Ewha-Shinsegae Building and International Education Building went through remodeling as well, reflecting student demands and trends. Center for Excellence in Education built the new converged learning space in both buildings to support various academic activities of students.

Ewha-Shinsegae Lounge was remodeled into a space with a free and bright atmosphere. Spaces for individual and group study were constructed respectively. The lobby of the International Education Building was also renovated into an open study lounge. Students can now use this space flexibly for their learning with more tables and smart facilities such as laptops.

“The former lounge and the lobby were not suitable for students to study,” said an officer from the Center for Excellence in Education. “The facilities were old and students often found it unpleasant. With the remodeled spaces, we expect students to study creatively using the newly installed smart devices.”

Building converged learning spaces is a part of University Innovation Support Project (대학혁신지원사업) by Center for Future Innovation (미래혁신센터). The school has been turning unused places, such as hallways or lobbies, into learning spaces in which students can study and work on team projects. By doing so, they expect to solve the problem of lack of learning space in the school and contribute to building a smarter learning environment.

“With the University Innovation Support Project, our center has been striving to provide a better environment for students to study,” the officer said. “By remodeling the lobbies or hallways to more useful places, we expect students to be motivated and focus more on their studies as well.”

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