Senior YouTuber mila_no_nonna shares insight of life, fashion and Europe
Senior YouTuber mila_no_nonna shares insight of life, fashion and Europe
  • Joe Hee-young
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Ewha graduate of Department of Decorative Art and design, and the first Korean student to study in Milan, Chang Myung-sook has been working in the fashion industry for 40 years.

Starting from October this year, she began posting on YouTube and has become a renowned YouTuber with over 165,000 subscribers. The name of her channel is mila_no_nna. She shares her fashion insight and facets of her life on the channel.

Chang did not plan on launching a YouTube channel until personnel from Naver suggested on doing so. 

“I initially intended to write a second book,” Chang said. “It was going to be a more up to date version of Versace at the Sea, and Armani in the City.”

She had published the book to share her insight and disclose tactile facets of Europe. Having heard the current generation often search for information on YouTube, Chang decided to try telling her stories in the format of videos.

“I like challenges, and YouTube became one,” Chang said.

 The name of her channel, mila_no_nna, comes from Chang’s desire to approach the youth generation in a loving manner.

“I had a keen relationship with my grandmother,” Chang said. “That is why I named my channel mila_no_nna, short for Milano nonna – nonna meaning grandmother. I hope people watch my video comfortably as if listening to stories from their grandmother.”

Chang believes no matter how fast society is changing, communication between generations remains essential.

“There are problems for which technology can provide solutions and others that need the insight of elders,” Chang said. “I wanted to share my insight and tell the youth how things don’t always turn out the way we expect to be based on my experience.”

Chang mentioned that she feels the channel is heading in the right direction when she reads comments of those who express thanks for becoming their mentosr or confess having felt the love of a grandmother through her videos.

Previously, Chang worked in a number of different occupations. She has lectured at Sookmyung Women’s University, Hanyang University Duksung Women’s Unviersity and Korea National University of Arts. Chang was also the costume designer for the 1986 Asian Games, the Asian costume consultant at the opera house Teatro alla Scala, and a design advisor and purchasing director for a number of department stores. Currently working as a culture coordinator and a fashion consultant, Chang strives to spread Korean culture in Italy.

In 2014 in Milan, she coordinated Constancy and Change in Korean Traditional Craft 2014, which concerned traditional Korean crafts. She also lectured at Brera Academy, a prestigious art school in Italy, on the impact of Asia in European designs.

To become a constantly evolving person is one of her objectives in life. When she was young, along with the desire to become a professional in fashion, Chang wanted to be a nurse. Currently, through her volunteer work, Chang is able to live out her childhood dream of helping people lead healthier lives. She has been visiting children who are deprived of adult care to give love and support for 20 years.

“I can see from the children’s faces that they become less anxious when they are given love,” Chang said. “I want to continue this good influence.”

She added, some of the children who have been with her care had left comments in her videos too.
Chang described her videos as her representations. Saying not a single video is solely for entertainment, Chang mentioned that one of her favorite poems is Emily Dickinson’s “Not in Vain.” The poem tells that the meaning of life comes from helping others.

“I once commented that I do not want people’s clicks on my videos to be in vain,” Chang said. “By disclosing stories about my life, I hope people will feel comforted, regain hope, laugh, and for those who are interested, learn more about Europe.”

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