Farewell, 2019 Welcome, 2020
Farewell, 2019 Welcome, 2020
  • Lee Joo-ah, Yun Sol, and two others
  • 승인 2019.12.09 15:23
  • 수정 2019.12.12 00:25
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Lee Joo-ah, Yun Sol, Kim So-jung, and Choi Ye-jin


Since 1954, Ewha Voice has been the voice of Ewha for 65 years. As 2019 comes to an end, the department looks back on the memorable moments of this year. For the last issue of 2019, Ewha Voice selected some of this year’s most significant events on and off campus.


General Student Council holds first 2019 Student Voting


A Student Voting was held for the first time to form a student-school consultative body in order to achieve the demands from students. Mascot E-kongyi was also specially made for this event. A barrier-free voting system was also implemented where braille voting papers, wheelchair-accessible voting locations, and direct explanation was organized. President Kim met Central Operation Committee. Ewha’s 16th president Kim Hei-sook and the Dean of Student Affairs met with students of the Central Operation Committee on Oct. 11.


Commemorating the 65th anniversary of Ewha Voice


Ewha Voice first started as a class project in the Department of English Language and Literature creative writing class. Professor Kathleen Crane, missionary and an educator, lay the cornerstone in leading the early stage of university English newspaper. The class project later developed into a student club, and it became an official newspaper department. This year, the department celebrated its 65th anniversary by inviting former reporters and faculty advisors. Now, Ewha Voice is publishing 5,000 copies in and out of campus as a bridge between Ewha and the world.


2019 Overseas Coverage Special: Finland IT education & Sweden Problem-based Learning

Ewha Voice reporters departed to Finland in February to discover the secret to Finnish education, and its latest applications in coding. Students from primary school to university and adults were free to participate in grassroots coding education programs led by schools, NGOs, and other experts. In August, Ewha Voice took a journey to Sweden to uncover the usage of problem-based learning Swedish higher education.


Consultative body brings change to campus


After the consultative body was successfully established through last March’s general voting, it has brought about notable changes on campus. Improvements were made in the school's course registration system. Signs for non-smoking area were placed around campus, and speed gates around ECC now limits the entry of visitors without ID cards.


Hong Kong demonstrations divide Korean campuses


Following the ongoing Hong Kong crisis marked by protests contending for democracy, universities in Korea are also showing division over public opinion. Pro-democracy students and pro-China students each expressed their opinions in the form of rallys, posters and social media posts, often ending up in violent collision.


Director Kim Bo-ra

Storytelling a 14-year-old girl’s life “House of Hummingbird”


Professor Jamie Chang

Translator of “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982,” bestseller book of microaggressions on women


Kang Min-whee

First Korean woman to reach the Director level in WHO headquarters


Lim Hong-tek

Author of “Generation Y are coming”


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Visiting Ewha as a feminist novelist


Joo Won-gyu

Revealing the truth of the dark side of clubs, Author of “Made in Gangnam”


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