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   With the rise of Information Technology (IT), the world seems to be dividing itself into two spheres: online and offline, click and brick, virtual reality and actual reality. But people are increasingly thinking it doesn? have to be this way. This January, Lee O-Young, former Professor of Ewha and editorial consultant at the JoongAng Ilbo, published the book Digilog, causing a new wave in Korean society. Digilog is a coinage of the words digital and analog. The new term is not only limited to technology itself but covers the entire IT culture and is applicable to every sphere of society, from products used daily to traditional food. Lee declares that people are now calling for the digital world and the analog world to unite, and that Korea has a cultural heritage which can embrace both of these divided worlds. The 21st century is the time for us to appreciate our unique digilog quality, says Lee. We can be a world leader in culture and technology if we realize the digilog identity hidden in the soul of Korea.

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