Digilog Korean Food
Digilog Korean Food
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   Korean foods often have five directional colors (五方色), blue, red, yellow, white, and black, which each represents east, south, center, west, and north. Eating the five food color equates with eating the universe. Bibimbop is a  Korean dish that has the perfect combination of all directional colors.
   When there was no phone or the Internet, Koreans distributed steamed rice cakes to inform one another of their good or bad news. Back then, the cake was the media accompanying with surprise or curiosity. The information seems to be more appealing when it lies beneath the steamy cake.
   Kimchi makes great harmony with other kinds of food. The reason why Kimchi goes well with other dishes is that it is neither cooked nor raw, but fermented. Also, it is not only red, but consists five directional colors. Thus, Kimchi can be seen as a small universe acting as a harmonizer.


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