Anyone Can Be a Digiloger
Anyone Can Be a Digiloger
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▲ [Illustration by Choi Ae-youn] "A Boy with a cat"

   100 regular guests visit Painter Bbal gan nal gae (Red Wing)? web blog per day to have a look at her drawings. For Choi Ae-youn (28), uploading her own drawings on to her blog is the happiest time of her day. Choi runs her own blog with Naver, an Internet Portal Website) and uploads drawings that she created with various materials. Her blog is categorized into three main folders: analog drawings, digital drawings and digilog drawings. One might be confused with the terms Choi uses to categorize her drawings, but it is simple to understand. In the ?nalog Drawings?folder, she uploads paintings that she drew by hand using water paints, crayons and pencils without using any digital devices. In the ?igital Drawings?folder, the pieces are done by using mouse and computer graphic design programs such as Photoshop and Paintbrush. Lastly, in her ?igilog Drawings?folder, she uploads pieces done by using a combination of analog and digital methods.
   Tablet is the device that she uses to create the drawings in the Digilog folder. It is an electronic graphics drawing device used with a puck or stylus that allows people to draw as if they were drawing on a sketchbook. Choi says ?t seems that humanity and warmness is lost when I solely draw with digital methods because even small lines are expressed formally and artificially. So I thought about the way to bring up the natural touch of a line and smooth coloring to a digital drawing. And the answer was to use a tablet.?
   When Choi uses a tablet to draw, she first sketches a draft with a pencil or a pen and then scans it on to the computer. Then she starts modifying it by adding some bold brush strokes on to the draft with a tablet stylus. ?ne of the advantages of drawing with digital methods is that I can retrieve all sorts of colors that I couldn? get when I used crayons and markers,?says Choi. ?oloring with a tablet is interesting as it provides delicate touches that a wheel mouse couldn? provide. And by using a tablet, I can present a soft touch of a brush that was only possible in analog drawings,?she adds. Surprisingly, Choi didn? know that the new term ?igilog?had appeared only quite recently, but her life was already a part of the new Digilog culture. ? didn? move on to this new Digilog trend with a specific plan. It just happened naturally.?Choi was a person who enjoyed drawing, so she began to draw with pens and markers, but wanting some more colors and effects made her  move on to digital methods. Although her demands seem to be fulfilled, digital methods were not enough as they lost the attributes of analog methods, delicacy and humanity, which finally made Choi open her eyes to Digilog.
   Choi seems to be a true Digiloger who embraced both digital and analog methods into her life. However, she stresses that anyone can become a Digiloger like her. It does not have to be someone that you find in a specific place or someone who does something extremely special. A digiloger is simply easily found in our everyday lives.


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