What's Digilog Around Me
What's Digilog Around Me
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▲ (from left) "My Pet" function in mobile phones, MSN Messenger pencil function, Old-fashioned digital camera

   Although many people might not easily recognize the so-called Digilog items, there are many that exist in our society; Digilog items vary from daily-living items to technology. Digilog is anything that creates a new trend through a mixture of analog and digital.
   The ?y Pet?function in newly created mobile phones is one example of a Digilog item, where one raises a digitalized analog creature in a digital world: the pet creature is the analog feature while the machine that holds the pet is the digital feature.
According to Lee Kyung-il (29), a user of the ?y Pet?function in his mobile phone, the pets?talking and barking makes him less lonely. Another example of an analog feature on a digital phone is the ability to write directly on the screen instead of typing in the letters.
   Digilog can also be seen in cyber space. In various chatting programs, such as MSN Messenger and Nate On, there are functions where you can write using the mouse and not the keyboard. Through this function, users can create their own expressions and draw facial features to express emotions more freely.
An industrial item, the computer, is also evolving into a Digilog item. One can write on the computer screen with a magnetic pen. This is an appealing feature to the young generation, but even more so to elder generations, who are not as familiar with keyboards.
   Digital Photo frame is also an example of a Digilog item. This item is useful in viewing pictures taken by mobile phone cameras or digital cameras as it resembles pictures developed on paper. This is an example of a Digilog item because the digital pictures are combined with analog frames.
   Digital cameras are easier to take and delete pictures. However, some people prefer using film cameras and miss functions such as the film-winder. However, some newly-introduced cameras are digital in their photo-taking mode, but have other functions that existed in older film cameras. For example, one might have to develop the pictures with a ?ilm-winder?even though the photos are digital. In some cases, camera makers are also reverting to making cameras in shapes and sizes that resemble old cameras.
These kinds of items make us feel nostalgic for the past culture and memories. Since the digital world has shriveled up people? sensibility to humanism, implementation of analog features on digital items creates new humanism in our society.



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