[Culture]Oh! Zemi-dong, Finding Fun from Underground in the Heart of Seoul
[Culture]Oh! Zemi-dong, Finding Fun from Underground in the Heart of Seoul
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▲ [Photos by Kim Yea-jin] (from left) The library is full of unique books. Fans of old and rare movies visit the video room often. The theater accomodates 60 people.

   There is a center inside Chungmuro Station where people can experience what cannot be encountered anywhere else; to read magazines on everything from animation films to politics, watch movies our parents used to rave over, and even create movies by themselves! This unique center called Oh! Zemi-dong, meaning Oh! Fun Town in Korean is the only place to relax and read, watch, or create our own works of cinema, all while being in a subway station!

   The 1st Dong: Library
The Oh! Zemi-Dong Library has numerous domestic and foreign publications on various cultural themes, mostly dealing with various types of films. ?he books here were here for a long time, but that? what I like about this place,?remarks Lee Jae-hoon (Kyunghee University, 2) a passer-by who had visited Oh! Zemi-dong for the first time. To enjoy the books, you only need to sign up as a member of the Oh! Zemi-Dong homepage.

   The 2nd Dong: Video Room
Looking for a film from Bollywood (India? very own Hollywood) that isn? available in video rental stores? No need to worry, for films of all types?opular films, documentaries, art films, and music videos are available for movie lovers with exotic tastes. ? mostly watch classics, but there are other films of great value as well,?says Kim Hyun-suk (29), ?any movies here won awards for their artistry.?Non-prescribed donations are accepted as the fee.?The 3rd Dong: Workplace
The Workplace is stocked with up-to-date film editing equipment, and the computers are equipped with editing software as well. ? often come here to do my homework, which is movie making,?ays Lee Ji-sun (Sangmyung University, 2),  ?he equipment  is  easy to use, and it is cheap as well.?But novices be warned, it can take a very long time to get your work done; you are completely on your own! Reservations in advance are required if you want to use the equipment at the Workplace. The fee is 1,000 won per hour.

   The 4th Dong: Theater
If you are a movie buff tired of the same old Hollywood blockbusters, the Theater is the place for you. Each month, the theater shows movies according to the theme of that particular month. The theme of this month is ?endez-vous Russia,?with films being aired from September 15 to 22. Movies are usually shown for free, but sometimes a small fee is charged.

   The 5th Dong: Maru
The Maru, meaning front lawn in Korean is actually the hall in front of the Oh! Zemi-dong building.There are five PDPs (Plasma Display Player), flat screens, and two wide screens where short films (made by individuals and non-profit groups) and music videos are shown. As it is an open space, it is free to all. ?he best thing about Oh! Zemi-dong is that everything is free except the small fee we charge for using the Workplace,?says Kim Seo-jin, an employee at Oh! Zemi-dong. The movies we have are mostly non-commercial films, and are not well known to the public. But just because they are not famous it does not mean they lack value. I wish more people would become familiar with Oh! Zemi-dong and make full use of it,?Kim adds.



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