Ewhaians And Exchange Students Take Part In International Festival
Ewhaians And Exchange Students Take Part In International Festival
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The 2002 International Festival, hosted by the International Education Institute (IEI) took place from November 12 to 13, beginning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. An International School Fai, an IEI Explanatory Lecture, and a Thanksgiving Charity Dinner were held during the annual festival.
Booths for 34 schools from six countries, were set up to introduce the school"s exchange programs with Ewha. Ewha students who had studied at those schools participated to share their experiences abroad. Foreign exchange students at Ewha also participated in introducing their schools. Miyoshi Satoko from Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan said, "It"s the first time I introduced my school to the public and it makes me feel somewhat proud."
During the two-day festival, many Ewhaians interested in studying abroad visited the school fair. Choi Sun-kyu (Division of International Studies, 2) said, " It was helpful to get information about each school"s atmosphere and student activities, something that we cannot get from their websites."
However, complaints were reported on the exhibition"s hours, which were during the class hours of most Ewha students. And some felt the festival needed to be more informative. Chung Hyun-joo (Division of International Studies, 1) said, "More objective information, such as brochures with specific information about the schools would have helped further."
After the International School Fair, the traditional Thanksgiving Charity Dinner followed on November 13. Foreign exchange students and Ewhaians joined to experience a traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner.

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