Ewha Marks 120th Anniversary
Ewha Marks 120th Anniversary
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▲ [Photo by Kim Ji-sun]Ewha President Shin with ten honored guests are cutting the tape in front of the newly-built Ewha Haktang.
   Ewha Womans University, which was established by Mary Scranton on May 31, 1886, celebrated its 120th Anniversary this year. During May, Ewha's 120th Anniversary was marked with various events.
   To honor the memory of 120 years of Ewha's long history and commemorate Mary Scranton's frontier spirit, Ewha completed its rebuilding of the original structure where Ewha taught its first classes in the 1880s, the Ewha Haktang. Now restored on the opposite side of the Law Building, the Ewha Haktang was a traditional Korean-style structure built in Jeong-dong, the birthplace of Ewha, in 1886. The Ewha Haktang is significant for being the first women's educational institute in Korean history.
   Ewha Haktang held its dedication ceremony on May 26 in front of the Ewha Haktang with Ewha President Shin In-ryung, Ewha Haktang President Yoon Hoo-jung, Cultural Heritage Administration Administrator You Hong-june, with about 200 guests participating.
   Ewha Haktang President Yoon said in her opening speech, "Rebuilding Ewha Haktang is very meaningful because we can now clearly see the past and the present of Ewha.  Ewha Haktang will inspire Ewha students and Korean women as the centrum of Korean women history." The ceremony ended with about 10 people cutting the tape in front of the Ewha Haktang. After the tape-cutting, participants watched a documentary titled, "Amazing Ewha," which is about the 120 years of Ewha's history.
   The newly-built Ewha Haktang will be used as an exhibition hall for Ewha University Archives, where three centuries of Korean women's modern history and Ewha's 120 years of history will be exhibited in chronological order.
   Aside from academic events, Ewha held several contests to celebrate Ewha's 120th Anniversary. The Student Welfare Center held a photo contest titled "Ewha, Ewha!n" and gave prizes to the winners on May 15. Photos which captured buildings around campus and the daily life of Ewha students were eligible for entry in the contest. Contest photos were exhibited in the lobby of the Student Union Building from May 15 to 19.
   The College of Art & Design held an installation art and design contest and gave prizes to the winners on May 22. From 35 pieces of work, two pieces of work which embodied the theme: "Frontier Ewha: Lead, Share, and Leap" were selected.
   To mark Ewha's 120 years of history and express gratitude for those families who have been Ewha students for three generations, Ewha invited grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who were Ewha alumnae to the 120th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony on May 30 in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium. The families were given appreciation plaques.

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