Ewha Campus, Full of Spirit as One
Ewha Campus, Full of Spirit as One
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▲ [Photo by Choi Eun-sun]The SGA prepared 1,000 bowlfuls of Bi-bim-bop, a Korean mixed-rice dish.

   On the afternoon of May 24, Daedong Festival took underway for a full three-day event.
   "It was a pleasure capturing smiling faces of Ewha students amidst the hot weather," said Hwang Gi-na (Liberal Arts, 1) who volunteered as a Youngsangi, image shooters, during the Daedong Festival. These students are volunteers that wish to contribute to holding a successful festival. The performances of Yooldongi, cheer dancers, also boosted up the atmosphere.
   This year, various sporting events that were not part of the festival in the past, took place to commemorate  Ewha's 120th anniversary. Basketball and volleyball tournaments held by the students of the College of Physical Education were cheered on with admiration for their athletic ability from their students. During the last two days of the festival, the first swimming tournament for Ewha students received attention.
   On the first night of the festival, short videos were screened that the daughters had specially prepared for their mothers at the "Movie Night with Our Mothers."
   Jung Doh-young (Nursing Science, 1) volunteered as a Ggoumi, rope twisters, because she felt responsible. It was this line of thought from many other Ewha students that led the rope twisting to a success.
   Amidst all the excitement and fun, the SGA had always been behind the scene to organize the festival to its fullest for the students of Ewha. The official theme of this year's festival Il-Sang means an ordinary day. However, the Chinese characters of "Il," means "to soar" and "Sang" means, "high."

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