Where Seoul City Begins
Where Seoul City Begins
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▲ Deoksugung Palace
   Line 1 was the first subway line opened in Seoul. It connected Seoul Station with Chongnyang-ni in 1974. The development of Seoul started from here, thus many stations on Line No. 1 reveal the modern history of Seoul. Faded color of the concrete walls and the old-fashioned train reflect the past as well.
   TopGol Park
   Nowadays people think TopGol Park, at the Jongmo3-ga Station, as a place where homeless people gather and rest. Despite this preconception, Topgol Park consists of many historical monuments.
   Wongak Temple, a ten-level stone tower, is a gem of TopGol Park. National Treasure No. 2 Wongak Temple is a twelve-meter tower which has a carving of BulHweDo, InWang, and BulJua, as well as plants and animals. Buddhist scriptures and WonGakKyeong are preserved inside the tower. Compared to other ancient towers located in the countryside, Wongak Temple allows you to visit the historical sites only by taking the subway.
   Deoksugung Palace
   Located at the corner of the busiest intersection in downtown Seoul, Doeksugung's elegant stone wall road is well-known as a place for lovers to hang out. Located at the Cityhall Station, it is the only palace that has western buildings inside, which adds uniqueness to the scenery.
   Entering Daehanmun, the front gate of Deoksugung Palace, Geumcheon appears with the Geumcheon Bridge, which is wide enough for the king's carriage to pass.   Jeonggwanheon was the first western style building built within the palace in 1900. It is said that GoJong, the last emperor, enjoyed drinking coffee and spent his free time here. The back of the building has secret passageways to the Russian Emissary, which still exist today. If you are planning to go to Deoksugung, it would be better to come at 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. because during this period the changing of the guards is performed in front of the Daehanmun, except on Mondays.
   Noryangjin Fish Market
   If you are exhausted from touring,  Noryangjin fish market at the Noryangjin Station will fill your stomach with fresh sea food. It may not appear to be an elegant top-class restaurant, but if you want to feel the energy of life and want to feel like you are at the seaside, Noryangjin fish market might be the perfect place to go.
   Noryangjin fish market starts its day from 2:00 a.m. but it becomes brisk when the sun sets. Workers come in the evening time and fill their stomachs with fish.
The specialty of Noryangjin  fish market is to keep it fresh. Sea bream, big crab, flatfish, sea squirt, and turbo are some types of fish you can eat that are most typically served as meals in the market. Not only do they sell common raw fish, but they also sell shellfish, which are rare and hard to find elsewhere.
   The last station of Line No. 1 brings you to the sea. Whenever you are feeling blue and tired of city life, escape to the last station of Line No. 1, Incheon station, and breathe in the scent of the sea and refresh your mind.

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