Encountering the Green Nature
Encountering the Green Nature
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▲ Yongsan Family Park
   Skimming over the stations of subway Line No. 4, you will notice that there are various places where families and friends can have wonderful memories and come closer to nature. Many city parks and historic sites are located around Line 4. Unlike other subway lines, Line 4 goes all the way from the  mountains to the sea. It isn't easy to find the sea or mountains in the middle of the city. However, Line 4 will get you out of the ashen coloring of Seoul and into the colorful fun and relaxation of the Uidong Valley, Yongsan Family Park, or Oido.
   Uidong Valley
   Uidong Valley connects Bukhan Mountain and Dobong Mountain, in the far north of Seoul. It is the perfect place for those who enjoy mountain climbing. Along with the harmonious view of the trees and flowers on the mountain, the most attractive factor of visiting Uidong Valley is that there is a valley where people can find clean and cool water.
   Getting off Line 4 at Suyu Station and taking the bus no. 1218 will bring you to the Uidong milestone. Around the milestone is a disorderly gaggle of many restaurants and chophouses. But, do not be disappointed! Walk a bit further down the road and you will feel a fresh breeze blowing in the air and smell the scent of earth. The road up Bukhan Mountain, which starts here, is filled with peace and quiet. Uidong Valley is famous for its cherry blossoms. When April, the season of the cherry blossoms, comes, their enchanting scent fills the valley's air. Also, it is renowned for its clean water. Many people go to the valley in the summer to soak into the pure and cool water.
   Yongsan Family Park
   If you stop at Ichon Station, walk out exit 2 and go straight for about 10 minutes, you will see a fresh green color. This is Yongsan Family Park, whose big verdant trees and broad lawns will make your eyes clear and bright. An array of yellow, pink, and white hues, mixed without discretion, will also signal the presence of a splendid flower garden.
   What makes Yongsan Family Park different from other city parks? It is the exotic views. When you stroll along the park, you feel like you are overseas. The well-grown lawn, small groves of trees, and the small lake all create this exotic mood. In addition, there are about 80 kinds of trees and flowers, and several arbors are set in scenic places. When going to Yongsan Family Park it is also fun to visit the National Museum of Korea, which is located right next door. The various exhibitions and performances will provide mental food to watch the exotic yet tranquil view of the park.
   Oido Station is the final station on Line 4. As you leave exit 2 of Oido Station, the rustic scenery of the countryside will make you relax. Bus 30-2, which leaves from right in front of the station, will take you to the Oido wharf.
   From the Oido wharf, the sea is spread all over, and above the sea, there is a boundless sky with the same blue color as the sea. As so, one cannot discern the line between the sea and the sky.
   Oido is the nearest seaport that people can easily reach, and it is famous for its tideland, its seafood market places, and the blazing red glow of the setting sun. The tideland of Oido is so famous, in fact that it is almost a required part of any travel itinerary to visit. Moreover, newly-caught fresh fish and scallops are the local delicacies of Oido, and definitely worth tasting. It is also said that one hour before the sunset is the best time to see one of Korea's most beautiful sunsets at Oido.

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