Along the Past and the Present of Seoul's Noblesse Obligee
Along the Past and the Present of Seoul's Noblesse Obligee
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▲ Namsangol Village
   On the orange line 3, Seoul's past and present co-exists in a single subway line. From Gyeongbok Palace to Apgujeong, you can travel directly from the ancient palaces to luxurious shopping district. Line No. 3 connects the center of high culture from the past to the present.
   Getting off at the Anguk Station, there is a noblesse obligee relic called Insadong, where the Joseon Dynasty's aristocratics lived. It has become a tourist attraction for foreigners and is a place where Koreans seek to find traditional items in the modernizing city.
   Walking through Insadong Street, you can see many shop signs decorated in a traditional Korean style. Even Starbucks is lettered in Korean. Moving your eyes along the street, you will find various street vendors selling all kinds of items from snacks to antique souvenirs. There are many antique teahouses serving traditional Korean tea, including bokbunja tea, omija tea, and pine tree tea, which are priced from 5,000 to 10,000 won.
   Insadong is also a mecca of Korean art. You can stop by Ssamziegil, a contemporary art shopping mall, and walk up the gently-sloping ramp connected from the bottom floor to the top.
   Namsangol Village and N Seoul Tower
   Namsangol Village is right next to the Chungmuro Station Exit 3. Chungmuro is full of tall modern buildings, but following an alleyway marked by a signpost, brings you to   Namsangol Village. 
   Entering the front gate, you can see a flowing stream and an open space where Korean traditional plays or events take place. On the right-hand side, there are many traditional houses, and sometimes you might be lucky enough to see a traditional wedding ceremony being held inside. Stepping further inside, there is a time capsule preserving 600 articles that represent contemporary life in Seoul.
   You can also go to the Namsan Tower from Chungmuro. In front of subway exit 2, take the bus No. 2 and you will arrive at Namsan Tower. In 2005, the tower changed its name to N Seoul Tower and was renovated with a newly designed multi media system. Now you can see the beautiful scenery of Seoul, enjoy the multi-cultural space, and fill your stomach with delicious dishes all within the tower.
   If you are exhausted from touring all three selected places, go to the Citizen's Forest at Yangjae station and walk in bare feet. Stepping on the cobbled path will stimulate the circulation of blood, and relieve the stress of the day.

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