Finding Delight in Stars
Finding Delight in Stars
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▲ [Photo provided by UAAA]UAAA members are observing the stars during the regular meeting.

   While most people are concentrating on the things going around nearby, there are students who use their time to observe things invisible even to the naked eye. When most people are afraid of darkness and naturally seek for light at night, others hope that some lights will be turned off. As the final article of our column, Ewha Voice would like to introduce readers to the students of UAAA.
   University Amateur Astronomy Association (UAAA) is a federation of astronomy clubs at Korean universities. Founded in 1982, UAAA aims to learn about astronomy and form close bonds between the members of the association.
   UAAA is divided into four chapters with 12 universities in the Seoul chapter. Usually the members participate in activities carried out by each school and come together at regular meetings held once a month. They usually hold seminars or make astronomical observations.
   UAAA also holds astronomical observation meetings for nonmembers usually during the fall. Members enjoy sharing their knowledge with others and regard it as the duty of an amateur. "If pros are professionals of a certain field who do it for a living, amateurs are more like people who are learning and having fun, just like us," said Jung Yung-suk (Seoul National University of Education, 2), the manager of the Seoul branch.
   Jung explains that enthusiasm is what makes the students continue to be excited about observing celestial bodies. "It's the power that enables us to carry the heavy observation balloons up the hill and watch the stars all night, although we have an exam or a class early in the morning."
   UAAA members exert their effort to provide the general public with the chance to observe the stars. Beginning next year they also plan to perform activities together with high school students in order to become strong supporters in learning about astronomy. "To most people, the experience of watching the indescribable bodies of the heaven stays just as a part of their memory, whereas for us, it is part of our lives," adds Jung.

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