[USCEN Effect] Unique Languages in HUFS
[USCEN Effect] Unique Languages in HUFS
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   Hankuk University of Foreign Studies has various and unique language departments. The Argus selects seven language departments called minor language faculties in Imun Campus. This article will focus on each department's special characteristics.
   Turkish is spoken in Turkey and Central Asia. The 50th anniversary of amity between South Korea and Turkey will be held next year. Students of Turkish Department can get 35 credits a year in authorized universities. Turkish will become more important if Turkey becomes the member of the European Union.
   Vietnam department, which holds its 40th anniversary of establishment this year, has been popular since the amity between Vietnam and Korea. Korea is making a good import and export partnership with Vietnam and ranked 4th as its investor. Therefore, many businesses want to employ the Vietnamese-majoring students resulting nearly 100% of employment rate.
   Thailand language is used in Thailand and Laos. Since Thailand is a Buddhism country like Korea, its cultures are similiar with that of Korea. Recently graduates of this department have been given attractive offers. In 2005, Immigration Bureau in the Ministry of Justice employed 13 graduates. They also have the potential to be employed in Thai Airways International, Royal Thai Embassy in Korea and enterprises which have branches in Thailand.
   The Malay and Indonesian language is spoken in Indonesia and is ranked as the fifth language in the world. Of thousand graduates, five hundred had experiences of working in the major language-spoken area and now two hundred is active in there. With the potential power, so many recommendations is pouring from plenty of firms.
   Iranian, called Persian, is an official language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tadzhikistan. This department offers language training to students once a year under the fund of Iranian government. Students are planning to visit the Persian culture with the help of Iran's state-run airline to mark the 30th anniversary of the foundation.
   Scandinavian language is used in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, located in Scandinavian peninsula. Each Ambassador from Sweden, Norway and Denmark visits our classrooms once a semester to give a lecture on relationships among them and the prospect.
   Even though having difficulties, each department has various advantages which other faculties cannot have. If they develope continually to use minor language effectively, more potential will be found than expected.

- The Argus of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) Associate Editor Lee Jin-woo

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