[Theme] Get Richer
[Theme] Get Richer
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  • 승인 2006.05.03 00:00
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   A university is a miniature society for students to prepare surviving in the real world. While money plays a very big role in the real society, it has little effect on many university students due to their parents' support. Therefore, after graduation, money problem strikes them hard and harsh since they are not ready to face financial challenges.
   To prepare for the future, managing money safely and profitably means careful planning and wise strategies. Simple saving is not sufficient enough to earn money. Fund investment, stock investment, and installment saving are few of the ways to earn more money from same deposit amount.
   However, this is not easy as one has to fully understand the system and the art of investment. Knowledge should be acquired before hand since such investment can be risky. This Ewha Voice issue will introduce you to various ways to earn money through investment advices and detailed information. Utilizing information is another qualification for success. In this case, why not earn more profits from the same amount of investment?

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