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Take Your Pick
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   Cash cards are divided into three big categories. The dividing criteria are based on money limits and function of the card. For easy notification, the color of each card and decorations are different as well.
   Cash Card
   This card is plainly for automated-teller machine (ATM) use only. Money withdrawal and deposit are possible. It is the simplest form among bankcards. Nowadays, there are two kinds of cash cards. One with only magnetic identification and the other is K-cash card with a computer chip implanted. The card with only magnetic identification can connect to only one bank account per card while the K-cash card can connect to ten bank accounts per card. Our new student identification card is another form of a K-cash card.
   Check Card
   Check cards are one level upgraded cards from cash cards. This card replaces money as the machine for withdrawal spreads widely around the whole country. As many people know nowadays, this card connects directly to one's bank account. Therefore, one can only use limited amounts of money, their deposit.
   Credit Card
   Just like the name, this card is trading your credit with money. One does not need to pay right away when using this card. Payment is done once a month and the exact date can be adjusted. Usually, this card is used when one does not have enough money right then but is expecting an income sometime later.
   Careful card usage is always recommended since one might lose track of money since cash is not physically exchanged.

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