Ewha Students Managing Their Money
Ewha Students Managing Their Money
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   Long lines of people waiting for their turn in front of an Automated-Teller Machine (ATM) is a familiar scene in campus. In particular, the four ATMs right next to the Ewha Shinhan bank in the Student Union Building seem to have the longest lines of all. Even inside the Shinhan bank, there is not enough space to accommodate a surging crowd of Ewha students. Among those many students patronizing the bank, each may have different purposes. Let us now discuss how some Ewha students manage their money efficiently in their daily lives.

   Kim Geun-young (International Studies, 2)
   I started a regular savings account investing 100,000 won monthly. I know this is a risk even though I invest indirectly via the bank. However, I wanted to see the reality of how it really works. Also, I think it is a good experience for me to actually feel the loss and the gain of money. Another thing is that I keep an account book regularly; collecting all the receipts of things I have bought. It doesn't seem likely that I will save more money by this. But, the only reason I keep it is because I want to keep track of where I spent my money.
   Hong Hye-tteum (Social Studies Education, 2)
   From the 250,000 won I get for a monthly allowance from my parents, most of my money is spent on food. But, my transportation fee is not included in that. When riding subways or buses, I use a credit card with a transportation function in it. This is a deferred payment system, so I don't have to trouble myself recharging the transportation card every time the remainder is deficient. The credit card bill is delivered directly to home, and my parents pay the bill at the end of every month.
   Kil Mun-ju (Psychology, 2)
   I keep two bank accounts: one is an account connected with the student ID card, and the other is a long time savings account. My mom deposits my monthly allowance of 350,000 won in the former account connected to the ID card. I only use the other savings account when it is an emergency. When a large sum of money comes in at once, as in New Year's Day or on my birthday, or if there is a remainder of my monthly allowance, I put it in this long time savings account.
   Mun Sang Yeon (Orchestral Instruments, 2)
   I am boarding with my older sister apart from my family who live in Gongju. So, my parents send me 1,000,000 won every month for living expenses. So I have to manage all the money by myself. Also, I don't use a check card, because I know that I can't stand it when there is something I want to buy. Not using a check card, I prevent myself from becoming a shopaholic.
   Lee Byuong-linne (Life Science, 2)
   I collect coins and put it in my piggy bank. Sometimes I use paper money even though there is change left in my pocket. As I live with my aunt, my mom sends 100,000 won to my account. I withdraw all the money at once and put it in the piggy bank, and take it out whenever I need it. In my opinion, I don't quite agree with using a credit card, because it makes one lose the concept of money. But, with my piggy bank, I can actually feel the money dwindling.

   Each student stated above has her own particular money managing know-how. Some utilize the bank regularly and some just take care of it in their daily lives. As every university student is an adult, having a sense of money may be one way to become an independent grown-up.

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