Sharing the Love of Ad
Sharing the Love of Ad
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▲ [Photo provided by AD Flash]AD Flash students gather with enthuthiasm toward people and ads.
   Finding a single word to define all the members of AD Flash is not easy, since the students of AD Flash have different personalities, values, and outlooks in life. However, these unique students, with their individual colors, all have one thing in common, their undying passion and love for making advertisements.
   AD Flash was first founded in 1989 by students at Sungkyunkwan University, who gathered with the interest to study advertisements. Currently, AD Flash is run by 80 students from universities in the metropolitan area and holds regular meetings on Saturdays.
   AD Flash is divided into two departments: planning and manufacturing. The planning department consists of marketing and public relations, while the manufacturing department is divided into designing, copywriting, and imaging.
   Working under different themes, AD Flash holds advertisement event every year by displaying their advertisements. Last year the theme of their 15th exhibition was "sentiment." Moreover, they prepare for various advertisement contests held throughout the year. They won the first place in LG Ad Contest last year.
   Since AD Flash consists of a variety of students, cooperation and good relationship among the members is a crucial factor to the club. Kim Hee-joon (Television & Film, 4), the president of AD Flash said, "By priority for AD Flash always lies in forming a better relationship among the members. Like our slogan "crazy about Ad, crazy about people," we learn many things about advertisements but we also learn how to work together by cooperating and listening to others."

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