Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
Ewha Voice Critique: A Word From Our Readers
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  • 승인 2006.05.03 00:00
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▲ Nam Ji-hee (Myung Duk Foreign Language High School, 3)

   My association with Ewha has been intimate over a period of time, since my father being a professor at the Department of Chemistry and I am a frequent visitor to his research laboratory. This has helped me get a closer look at Ewha's general environment. In addition to my personal experiences, Ewha Voice has been my window to get acquainted with Ewhaians and its campus life.
   The articles in Ewha Voice cover several social issues of vital interests, however, personally the "Theme" section is most intriguing. It is really overwhelming to see Ewha Voice come up with fresh and unique themes every month. I have learned many facts and accumulated knowledge by reading such articles, and always look forward to reading the next month's issue.
   Although I evaluate Ewha Voice highly in many respects, lack of articles and/or critiques from non-Ewhaians is a major flaw in this newspaper. People who have contributed are quite right to point out that more critiques from a diverse group of readers should be included to broaden its readership. Having articles written just by Ewhaians might appear biased and subjective. Further, it is likely for non-Ewhaians to easily lose their interest if the newspaper has a limited range of opinions. Thus, I would like to suggest a special section for non-Ewhaians. Such diverse opinions will also benefit the Ewha community to go ahead and keep the pace in this competitive world. This feature can also assist in gathering new ideas and improve the general contents of Ewha Voice. Furthermore, Ewha Voice can also increase its readership from prospective students in highschool.
   I would like to emphasize again that Ewha Voice has benefited many readers by providing useful information. I wish that Ewha Voice continues to play the vital role as a window for readers to have a better understanding about Ewha. Finally, I hope Ewha Voice takes these critiques into consideration with a positive attitude to enable it to give further fruitful information to outside readers like myself.

By Nam Ji-hee (Myung Duk Foreign Language High School, 3)

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