Cases of Successful Companies Realizing Management by Fun
Cases of Successful Companies Realizing Management by Fun
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   "Fun" has become a compulsory factor, rather than a secondary factor. In a recent poll conducted by the Samsung Economic Research Institute, eighty-eight percent of respondents agreed to, "Humor helps in increasing company's productivity." These results corresponded with the seventy-seven percent of CEOs responding that they prefer a candidate who is more humorous than one who is not. Therefore, "fun management" has become a keyword for both workers and the workforce in obtaining competitiveness. The following are some cases considerd as representative for realizing management by fun.
   Southwest Airlines
   Southwest Airlines is known as an exemplary and legendary company for fun management. Since its founding in 1981, company profits have increased for more than 30 years. The company credits some of its remarkable achievements to its philosophy of managing fun. For instance, the CEO, Herb Kelleher often dressed like Elvis Presley on ceremonial occasions. This is one example of how a family-like atmosphere was created, all the way from top CEO to the staff.
   Included in Honda's management philosophy are items such as "Respecting human beings," and "Three pleasures: pleasure of making, selling, and buying." This is the outcome of its corporate climate encouraging excitement and joy in work; while other companies maintain a strict hierarchical structure.
   A confectionary company well-known for its product "Choco-Pie," Orion recently made a "fun station?­a cafe" where music videos are coming on a big screen and Orion brand snacks are heaped up on one side. Also, the arcade provides games, comic books, and magazines. Moreover, there is a board named "toilet memo" where employees can write down ideas that come to their minds.
   Meta branding
   GS Group "GS," "SK OK Cashbag," and "Samsung Electronics," "Hauzen" are some examples of Meta branding's results of brand naming. As naming a company requires much creativity, the corporate climate is intended to be liberal and introduces many radical ideas. Some examples of fun management strategy include "Monday Cinema," letting employees go directly to the theater instead of coming to the office, and "0 o'lock attendance" allowing employees to come to work later to avoid the rush-hour.
It is not that every company succeeds when adapting management by fun, because each has different goals and characteristics. However, the rise of humor nowadays seems to attest that the social atmosphere is focusing on the well-being of each person's mentality. Thus, fun management is a human-centered management.

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