Humor: A Power to Change Yourself and the World
Humor: A Power to Change Yourself and the World
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   Not so long ago, the book Morning People was a big hit in Korea. Although everyone already knew how diligence leads to success; it was a reminder that it is never too early to get started. Now, the same explosion of interest is about to happen again, this time for "humorous people," as more and more people start to realize the importance of humor and laughter in their daily lives.
   You might think humorous people are simply funny in a shallow way, and not serious about life. But this is not so, according to Kim Jin-bae, the author of Humor Changes Life. "Humorous people are those who believe that life is exciting and is worth living.   They also help others agree with their view of life," says Kim. This is why humorous people are now being spotlighted in different sectors of society, as they add energy and passion to their communities through their witty speeches and behaviors.
   Current television programs show that "sexy" is no longer popular among people but "funny" is. This too well shows people's interest in humor and laughter.
   In a research paper titled "Examination Stress-Induced Changes of Circulating Natural Killer Cell Percentages and Personality Characteristics in non-smoking Male Medical Students," Nam Bum-woo, Kee Baik-seok, and Na Chul showed that humorous people had low stress levels. Just like being a morning person, living as a humorous person also helps in various sectors in life.

   Positive viewpoint and enjoyment in work and life
   Starting a day off with a big laugh helps lighten one's feelings and attitude towards work and life, and better feelings help people find solutions to the problems they face. As a result, what used to be stressful becomes exciting. Therefore, a positive standpoint is important. But, since this positive attitude does not come by itself, one has to keep practicing humor and laughter.
   Harmony with other people
   Humor is good for oneself, and it also helps one construct a wider range of relationships with other people. The paper '"Sharing a laugh: Pragmatic aspects of humor and gender in the workplace" by Janet Holmes shows that humor is effective in workplaces as well. It states, "While humor is always intended to amuse, it may also serve to construct and maintain solidarity, or to hedge against threatening acts such as directives, criticisms, and insults. In interactions where relative power is particularly salient, however, humor may be used repressively by the powerful to maintain authority and control, while continuing to appear collegial." Thus, humorous people can be more successful in managing office politics whether they are on the top or the bottom of the chain of command.
   Healthy Mind and Body
   Since humor has so many various positive effects, humorous people start to feel better about themselves. They start to enjoy their fame and earnings and these are the first steps to a healthier mind.
    Humor which causes laughter also helps to maintain a healthy body, due to several biophysical reactions to laughing.
   ·Endorphins that acts as natural painkillers are produced.
   ·The adrenal gland produces chemical substances that cure neuralgia and prevent    cancer.
   ·The heart rate increases, which then helps blood circulation and muscle movements.

   ·Arteries relax, which leads to low blood pressure.
   ·Interferon gamma is produced, which strengthens our body's resistance and speeds up the repair of our injured cells.
   ·Stress causing hormones such as dopamine and epinephrine decrease, which can also lead to lower chances of heart attack.
   ·Appropriate body temperature is maintained and the digestive system is stimulated.
   Due to these reasons, it is said that just 15 laughs can extend your life by two days.
   As living becomes harder, more and more people experience high levels of stress. Competitions, such as the competition for jobs, make people tense. However, humor and laughter allow people to gain the energy to change their stressful lives. So, if you are one of these people, why don't you laugh it all out, and start refreshed? Laughter will become the energy that makes the impossible possible.

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