Chulsandra Spreads Humor-virus with Passion for Comedy
Chulsandra Spreads Humor-virus with Passion for Comedy
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▲ Photo Provided by (left) Photo by Kim Ji-young (right)To laugh at a comedy show on TV is simple; to prepare for the five-minute-running time is another thing.
   Throughout the interview, comedian Kim Hyun-sook (29) showed an aura of confidence in her professional field, comedy and acting. As she cried out her line at a comedy show, "Gag Concert," saying "Off with the slim ones," and praised all kinds of food, many women sympathized with her and gave their support. 
   "Laughter accompanies sacrifice." This is  Kim's philosophy of comedy. From her earlier days, she recalls herself always being the one to break the ice in awkward situations. She says, "People feel pleasure from seeing someone dull. This is because there is pathos underlying laughter." She also adds, "If someone has the desire to give laughter to others while spoiling oneself, that person has the spirit of sacrificing." All of this reminds of her notes at an awards ceremony last year which was, "there has to be real tears to make a real laugh."
   When asked what kind of comedy she wants to pursue, she said, "I want to do sarcastic comedies like the senior comedian Kim Hyung-gon, as a blessed memory." This desire may have also influenced the birth of the character Chulsandra. Chulsandra is a compound word of "chulsan" and "dra." Chulsan means giving birth and dra is just a suffix which goes with Kassandra. Kim says some have questioned the relation between obesity and giving birth, which lies in her character. Her answer is, "I wanted to convey the maternal, heart-warming feeling to the audience with the word chulsan." With a big laugh she said, "As you can see, I have the appearance that doesn't fit for the standard beauty, Chulsandra was aimed to satire the prevailing lookism in this society."
   As Kim shows deep attachment to her lifetime comedy, she also stresses the importance of comedy in the contemporary time. As there are more people who are in need than well-off in this country, she says that making people laugh and thus enabling them to release endorphins is what is wonderful about what she does. When seeing sick people in hospitals laughing because of her, she realizes the greatness of the weapon she possesses. With a somewhat boastful smile, she says, "That is why I have pride in my job, and therefore, I also have lofty ambitions."
   To be humorous in one's daily life, Kim suggests keeping a good heart and being aggressive. Having a job as a comedian requires many responsibilities, because of the pressure that every word they speak has to be funny. However, for those who are not professionals, it doesn't matter if the humors are not always funny. Humor has to be fun for the giver as well as the receiver. She concluded the interview with an open-ended question, "Wouldn't it be more precious if you enjoy your own humor, rather than a comedian making you laugh?" 

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