Students and Diplomacy
Students and Diplomacy
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▲ Photo provided by Lee Ji-sun. Korean University Students Politics and Diplomacy Research Association holds and participates in international conferences on diplomacy.

   This is what you will frequently find on the website's board of the Korean University Students Politics and Diplomacy Research Association (KPDRA): notice of forums and international conferences on diplomatic issues, panel discussions by renowned scholars, and seminars at the American Embassy.
   KPDRA is an academic club which was created in November, 2003 by Kim Jung-hoon (Korea Univ., Graduate School of International Studies). Some twenty universities both in and out of Korea have created chapters of the KPDRA with 175 regular members and 360 associate members.
   As can be ascertained from its name, KPDRA centers on students's understanding of diplomacy. "Our goal is to inspire positive perceptions of international relations into college students through the objective study of diplomatic issues; especially regarding the relationship between Korea and the U.S.," says Kim.
   KPDRA members usually attend international seminars or meet experts in the diplomacy field to exchange opinions on diplomatic and political matters. Information about the group's activities is provided on its website, as KPDRA communicates with its members online.
   KPDRA also organizes forums  and writes research papers. It has presented a paper entitled "Analysis of the Young Generation's Attitude toward the U.S. in Korea and Suggestions for Mutually Beneficial Relationship between Korea and the U.S." KPDRA's first forum, entitled "Young Korean Generations's Innovative Proposal on Resolution to Maintain Positive Future U.S-Korean Relations" was held in April, 2005 with Ban Ki-moon, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mark Minton, the charge d'affaires of the American Embassy and many experts in various fields.
   There are also regular meetings for members which is run by each chapter of KPDRA independently. "Snce every two weeks, the Ewha members of KPDRA get together and have  presentations. Then we discuss the presentation or talk about current issues," says Jang Baek-sun (International Studies, 3), the president of the Ewha chapter of KPDRA. "Regardless of their major, I wish Ewha students have more interest in current affairs and apply it well to their majors," Jang adds.

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